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    Antiques Magazine Archive, March 2016

    Minimalist Antiques

    Minimalist Antiques

    We know that as the word suggests, minimalist is about the bare minimum of anything, whether it be clothes, lifestyle or interiors. Perhaps minimalism is best known for its interiors, because it is so well represented in its lack of physical items. It's about space, the least amount of furniture, and specific items that are placed to create a dynamic impact on the viewer, and the place it takes in an otherwise blank landscape.

    Scaling and proportion

    Scaling and proportion

    This week we’re talking about scale and proportion, in keeping with our series of blogs on interiors. After you’ve decided on how you’re going to make your room come together, and after you’ve bought the furniture, the drapes, the accessories and decided on the colours, you’ve then got to make it all come together. If it doesn’t, then your home could quickly end up looking cluttered or strangely out of scale or proportion with how you wanted it to look.

    The story of scale
    The scale of a room can have an enormous impact, it’s not just the furniture or the accessories, or the colours even, if you take each one in isolation. It’s about the relationship between them, and how one or two or more objects can work together. If a sofa or a chair is out of proportion with any other pieces it shares space with, then it may look odd or out of place. If it doesn’t work, then it could impact on other parts of the room.