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    SIA Antion

    Antiques Magazine Archive, December 2013

    Another satisfied customer

    Dear Andrew,

    My sterling silver letter opener arrived today to my great surprise!, I thought it would take longer due to the Christmas Season.

    I am thrilled beyond words with this lovely piece. It is everything it was presented to be and more.

    Have a very Merry Christmas, and thank you so much.

    Sincere Regards,
    Lucinda Carter


    Antique Tables

    Tables were once a much more simple affair than they are now. They were little more than a board that could be packed away at a moment’s notice so families could move on quickly from one place to another. They date as far back as the medieval times and there purpose was for speed and ease of disassembly. Their folding abilities helped families escape sudden conflict or war so they could pack up and move on quickly. They were made of either oak or other available woods.

    The evolution of the folding table

    As time wore on they became more sophisticated and designs became more technical with the aid of skilled craftsmen. They became a clear advantage to those pushed for space. Today the folding table has evolved to a more sophisticated alternative to a large dining table that can take up a lot of much needed space.



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    Vintage toys – Rocking horses

    As vintage toys go rocking horses are an excellent find, they’re popular with collectors, perhaps not so good for children due to their age and potential lack of safety, but are beautiful to behold. Rocking horses are as popular as they once were, and dedicated restorers are bringing the old favourites back to life and there are some beauties out there for collectors and restorers alike.

    In the beginning
    Rocking horses can be traced back to the Middle Ages, this is where we see the first hobby horse with a fake head attached to a pole. We still see them now. In this period we would also see the first wheeled horse. However, it wasn’t until the 17th and 18th century that we saw the first rocking horse. They made a shy first appearance in the 17th century when bow rockers were invented allowing the rocking horse to move backwards and forwards. But they did come with problems; these early prototypes of the rocking horse were made of solid wood making them prone to tipping.