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    Antiques Magazine Archive, January 2015

    Finding the Perfect Pair

    Finding the Perfect Pair is here to make designers’ life simpler.

    Symmetry is one of the cornerstones of interior design and architecture. Human beings are naturally attracted to symmetry as it creates a feeling of calm and order, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. And the best way to bring symmetry into a space is to use pairs, whether it be items of furniture, art or pottery.

    A pair can be defined in simple terms as two objects that were made at the same time, by the same artist or craftsman. It can also be two objects belonging to the same collection, which could comprise anything from 10 to 100 pieces. A pair will complement each other in size and subject matter, where the two pieces can, but do not have to be identical. For example, two paintings of the same size, in which the figures face one another, could be considered a pair.

    Interior design

    Interior design

    Everyone has an idea of how we will decorate and furnish our homes, there's certainly plenty of ideas to be had in magazines these days, both online and in print, and numerous programmes on interior décor to give us a little inspiration.
    Sometimes we may have very firm ideas on how we wish to decorate our homes and at other times we look for clues in other places or people. If you're looking for a particular look and have an era in mind, then there's plenty of work to do.



    To pair or not to pair
    If you're into collecting antiques you may be the sort of person that enjoys collecting unique oddities that don't match. A fascinating collection of different sized collectables of every size, shape and colour, some of value, some collected purely for the joy they bring and the memories they provoke.

    On the other hand, you may be someone that has a strict criteria of what you collect, a particular era you look out for, and a certain style you aim for within the interiors of your home.

    Pairs and sets
    Perhaps you prefer collecting in pairs or sets. They certainly add symmetry and harmony when matched and can give a room a certain order. What kind of sets and pairs takes your fancy? Perhaps you enjoy collecting dinner sets, pairs of urns to place outside in the garden, pairs of garden chairs, vases or indoor chairs. Whatever it is, we're going to be looking at the world of pairs next year.