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    Valuations now has a fabulous online valuations service. Got an antique you want to sell but don't know how much it's worth? Get one of our online antiques experts to value it!

    Simply complete the form below in as much detail as possible - it will help our expert valuers if you give them as much detail as possible.
    Add photos and even video to help them uncover your item's true worth!

    Please provide a short descriptive summary of what the item is

    Please select the best-fitting category that matches your item.

    Please enter a detailed description of your item. An accurate appraisal will be assisted by providing as much detail as possible.
    Please provide details of how you obtained the item, from whom and when. Additional detail such as family connections or history to the item is also pertinant.
    Please let us know of any marker's marks or signatures.
    Please measure the item and provide width, height and depth (please indicate cm or inches), and include weight if relevant.

    Please send us photographs of your item. You can upload as many as you think necessary.
    Photographs should be in JPG format.
    Please take a photo of the front, the back, both sides, the top and bottom.
    Also take close-up photographs of any maker's marks or signatures, or notes on the backs of painting frames.
    Please also take photographs of any provenance documents you have in your possession, including receipts of sale, restoration details, etc.

    Videos: A great way to help get an accurate appraisal is for you to take a short video of the item, showing all sides and any stand-out features or marks. Feel free to add commentary to your video and then upload it to Youtube (free account with Youtube required). Once uploaded, copy the URL of the video and paste it into the box below: