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    Antiques Magazine Archive, March 2014

    Architectural Antiques

    Architectural antiques can make for quite an exciting find. There you are trawling through a variety of objects that have just avoided a junk yard, only to find the very thing that turns your garden into a triumph.

    Architectural antiques can encompass quite a variety of different objects than just garden furniture.

    • mouldings and columns
    • antique sinks, tubs
    • iron fencing
    • flooring parts from pubs and churches
    • radiators
    • doorknobs
    • garden furniture/ornaments
    • stair bannisters

    Spring & Antiques

    Now March is well and truly here we’re well on our way to spring. It may not feel that way for a lot of us, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. There are warm spring evenings to look forward to and longer days. In the antiques world we wonder what will be the right thing to buy this year. What trends are forecast? What do we have in our attic that might have undergone a revival and turned into the one thing everyone wants?

    Trends and predictions
    This month we’re going to take a look at predictions and trends we can look out for. How you should be collecting, and what you shouldn’t be buying.

    Recently in the December issue of Home & Antiques they listed their 5 predicted trends for 2014. And they are; Art Deco, pearls, cross-collecting which is an emerging trend of combining contemporary art with antiques, statement pieces and finally lustre. This is something with a shine, with Wedgewood leading the charge.