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    About Us

    It all started in a restaurant in 1996, in New York, when we were discussing the Internet, which was news to us.

    Then we all bought website names thinking nothing would come of it and antiques.co.uk cost me £1-00.

    On my return to the United Kingdom everyone I spoke to laughed and said 'what is the internet and email?' to which I joked, 'just wait and see'.

    Now in the 21st century what would we do without it?

    Many of us haven’t appreciated how much we need it since the global lockdowns and we are using trusted and vetted websites to buy and sell our items.

    Here on www.antiques.co.uk we do just that for as little as £2-00 per item, per year, with no further commissions, fees or charges.

    We allow anyone, however small, who agrees to our strict terms and conditions that what they are selling is over 50 years old and their descriptions are accurate and informative that they can advertise online with us.

    Reaching every corner of the globe and every collector enthusiast interior designer and dealer.

    England has as always been the heart and centre of the antiques world, steeped in history throughout all ages, and my intention by promoting this site is to place us back on the world map as the best antique dealers in the world which is what we are good at.

    We have created a site to allow sellers to either list their items individually or have direct links to their own web sites, allowing them to be open and seen 24 hours a day 365 days of the year throughout the entire world.

    Each day our visitor rate expands and sales grow. I hope that you can join in the fun and sales through Antiques.co.uk.

    Iain Brunt
    Owner, Antiques.co.uk

    Iain Brunt, founder of antiques.co.uk

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