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    artist: richard ennis (1958- ). modern british. 'life support'

    Antique Artist: Richard Ennis (1958- ). Modern British. 'Life Support'
    • Antique Artist: Richard Ennis (1958- ). Modern British. 'Life Support'

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    Artist: Richard Ennis (1958- ). Modern British I am happy to report that the artist was commissioned to do a painting for the Prime Minister Theresa May this Summer (2016) as a present for her 60th Birthday. The painting was presented to her at a large private party at the House of Commons & the Prime Minister was very pleased, grateful & impressed by the painting. Please see image of Theresa May receiving the painting. Subject: Grandfather Clown Medium: Acrylic on board, signed and dated 2005 Size of Board: 12.5 x 17.5 cms. approx. Richard Ennis (1958- ). Modern British. I am pleased & delighted to announce that I am representing Richard Ennis, a very gifted & original talent in Modern British Contemporary art with an exceptional reputation. Richard Ennis has to date been a self-effacing & retiring Art Schoolmaster at a renowned English Public School. He has, however, an International reputation over the years & has achieved sold out exhibitions in Berlin & within the United Kingdom. His paintings have also been final choices featured in many competitions, for example, the Daily Mail ‘Not The Turner Prize’ in 2004 & a portrait of The Queen shortlisted for The Diamond Jubilee Queen’s Portrait Competition in 2012. He has an avid following & has sold many of his paintings to private collectors worldwide & one recently to an important British Institution for a substantial sum. My purpose is to further promote his works, drawings & paintings, to a wider public & when they are still accessible at very reasonable asking prices. In a nutshell, the work of Richard Ennis encapsulates a fantastical world & comes across with immediate impact: surrealistic, expressionistic & with a great element of theatricality, the stuff of dreams, fears, hopes, desires, & imagination but, always, with an awareness of the absurdity of our existence. Just judge for yourselves & come away shocked, amused or bemused, but be drawn by the transforming power of his art to attest to one of the highest achievements of the human spirit. Richard Ennis is also a painter of landscapes & portraits & is open to commissions. Please feel free to get in touch with me to make the necessary arrangements. You are free to contact me for further details about the artist. Exhibitions History: The Jelly Legged Chiken Gallery, Reading 1994 - 2000. The Karen Hamilton Gallery, Bloomsbury: 2000, 2001. The Red Biddy Gallery, Shalford 2008-2010. The Mall Gallery London 2004 with 'Not The Turner Prize', finalist. Berlin 2006 Invited to exhibit at The Olympic Stadium to celebrate The Modern Pentathlon. 2009. One-man show at ZMK, Dental Clinic in Potsdamer Platz. 2010. Jenny Burlingham Gallery, Kingsclere nr. Newbury. Royal Academy of Arts, London Museum Purchase: 2013. Wellcome Library. Anatomical Study of a face & several others. Ref: FDDYHYAXH

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    I am Chinfineart & have been dealing in antique drawings, old prints & antique paintings 16c-20c for 40 years. I also currently represent two well established current artists: Lorenzo Maria Bottari & Richard Ennis who have good auction & Museum records. My email address is: Am represented at ebay & Fine Art 16c-21c Paintings, Drawings, Watercolours, Prints & Sculpture. Delivery quotations and further details upon request. Chin fine art guarantees authenticity of all the works they have for sale please email if you require further images or details. We are a London, United Kingdom based firm from the famous Portobello road The Admiral Vernon Arcade and we ship worldwide please ask us for details. I have always had an interest in antique books & antique art since I was young. I started dealing in Fine art & Antique Book dealing when I graduated in Philosophy at King’s College, London in 1974 & begun teaching.      I found a bedsit in Notting Hill Gate a stone’s throw away from Portobello Rd. I then learnt that I could supplement my rent & living expenses by dealing in antique books & antique pictures. I took four stalls under the big tent three quarters of the way down Portobello Rd every Saturday & begun selling second hand antique books to begin with & then antique prints, antique drawings & antique watercolours as & when I find them, buying from antique dealers in the market. It was a good place to meet up with collectors & dealers all over the world; many of them also took up stands to sell. A few of them have kept in contact & still doing business with me down the years. Whilst down that end of Portobello I must mention that a youngish French couple turned up early one morning & came to ask me where the toilets were & where to get a breakfast. I naturally pointed out to them how to get to the toilets, which were literally across the road. And I bought them breakfast. They were so grateful that when they left at the end of the day they came up & gave me bits & pieces of antiques & a collection of antique 18c copper plates of French/Italian erotic subjects! I had a few sets printed by the V & A, put a set up at Parker Auctions last year & it fetched £800.00! I am now going to make a limited edition set of, say, 900 copies & ask £900.00 a set for them. I can also publish a book of them selling at, say, £20.00 a copy. Pity is that I cannot now trace the French couple to thank them. And I hope no one now come to claim that they are the French couple! They will get a knock on the head.     After nine years I moved up Portobello Rd & took a stand at a big corner shop at the junction of Elgin Crescent. I was in the position then of seriously buying & selling antique drawings & antique paintings & meeting up with & making good clients. I here met up with a most important client. He was Joseph Galea-Naudi from Malta, the curator of St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the most important in Malta, they have 400 other cathedrals & churches. He bought from me as a Collector, invited me over to stay with him in Malta many times & I always brought him Old Master Paintings, antique drawings & antique prints which he hardly turned down. He also introduced me to his friend who owned many hotels in Gozo & I was chosen to value his collection of Old Master paintings & antique drawings. It was about this time that I must have come across Iain Brunt who now runs  Am happy that he started this company & has moved on from strength to strength. I then moved on to Pembridge Villas at the top of Portobello Rd. & established a gallery. I started representing artists like the well-known Sicilian-Italian artist Lorenzo Maria Bottari & organised exhibitions for him with the help of Brian Sewell, the famous art critic who, sadly, has passed on. I finally moved on to organise Book & Ephemera Fairs at the Royal National Hotel, Bloomsbury for about eight years, giving myself a stand to exhibit & sell my art works. I finally moved online, have a presence of about 1,200 items of stock at eBay at any one time. I kept running into Antiques.Co.Uk online whenever I searched for items or come across their advertisements. I got in touch with Iain Brunt who very kindly loaded up my eBay items at his site & am most grateful to him. I do the occasional Fairs & I give out the cards of for Iain.

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