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    magnificent patek philippe 'westminster chime' repeater clock

    PLEASE NOTE: The photos are of an almost identical Patek Philippe showroom clock I sold in 2010. The only differences are that a) the clock for sale is undamaged, without the wear shown in the photos b) the one for sale has a frosted glass Patek emblem on top of the glass instead of the applied one photographed, and c) the one for sale has a white dial instead of golden.

    Firstly, this stunning clock is guaranteed to be a 100% genuine all-original Patek Philippe item, complete with the Patek Philippe hologram. The clock has been in my collection for a number of years, since I purchased it from the owner of a Patek dealership in southern Spain. I have decided to sell it to help fund a business venture. You are welcome to inspect the clock in central London, or we can discuss another location.
    The clock is just absolutely magnificent and features a complicated 'Westminster chime' 8 day repeater movement. It is a heavy, solid, top quality clock and was made for Patek Philippe by the famous German clockmakers Franz Hermle. Patek Philippe have never made clocks, only wrist and pocket watches, and have them made for them by specialist clockmakers. Franz Hermle founded the Franz Hermle Clock Company in 1922 and within ten years the company became known as one of the best manufacturers of clock movements in the clock industry. Now in its third generation, the company is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of clocks and clock movements.
    The clock was produced by Patek as a limited edition and only made available for display use by leading Patek dealerships. It's value to a Patek collector is incalculable, since it has never been offered for retail sale. These clocks rarely appear on the open market as the few that were made are invariably kept by the owners of the Patek dealerships, or sold privately to collectors. If you see anyone regularly selling Patek showroom clocks, I would question their authenticity, as no one person can have many of them; each model is a limited edition and rare, for the aforementioned reason. I have been dealing for many years and have only retailed two up until now.
    My price is well below what I could charge for a clock that will soar in value over the years, so only sensible offers please. Such is the quality of the clock, I will include a one year written guarantee on the movement, which is more than long enough for you to assess the ongoing working order. The clock has just been serviced by my watchmaker, who specialises in clocks. The clock is in perfect working order and comes complete with a key for winding and setting.
    The heavy case has a quality wooden veneered base, with a lift-off heavy glass upper case. The base has brass feet. There is a wooden drawer with brass knob at the front of the base that contains the winding key. The top of the base features a brass plate which reads 'Patek Philippe Geneve'. The case measures 275mm [27.5cms] wide x 233mm [23.3cms] deep x approx 233mm [23.3cms] high, including the glass top. The glass top is heavy and on top is a frosted Patek Philippe emblem.
    The beautiful white dial is in mint condition and is signed 'Patek Philippe' and 'Geneve'. It includes a date function, which is working correctly. The steel ‘Breguet moon’ hands are also in mint condition.
    The high quality, complicated key-wound and set repeater movement is in mint condition and has a beautiful tick tock and clear chime. It is a 'Westminster chime'. As mentioned, the movement has just been fully serviced and comes complete with a one year guarantee. As mentioned, the setting key is included.

    A rare clock from one history's most famous names. Will provide an excellent financial investment as well as a possession to show off and enjoy.

    PLEASE NOTE: The clock is very heavy. I am happy to consider hand delivery to any major town or city within England and Wales. For Scottish and overseas customers, please contact me first for a shipping quote. For overseas, please contact me for a shipping quote.
    Visit my antiques store at www.tempusantiques.co.uk for great antiques at less than value.

    Price: SOLD

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