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    ink on paper rendition of nobles and servants in a garden

    Early 20th century
    Diamenter: 23 cm

    This painting shows two seated noblemen, engaged in discussion, and three servants, one at the left and two at the right, who prepare food and tea.
    The nobles sit beneath pine trees which are symbolic. The pine tree is an evergreen and able to withstand the adversity of cold winds and frost and retain its own essential character. That metaphor extends to people and can represent a strong friendship based on loyalty.
    If there is interest, I will provide other details/information available prior to purchase. Ref: HYNR4AQY

    Price: £165.77

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    Hi I am Willian Mitchell Antiques.

    I have a variety of items from different corners of the globe. My work
    as an English teacher has taken me to Asia, Africa and the Middle
    East. It is this travel that set me on the road to antiques and
    collecting. Shops, outdoor markets, private homes, and individuals
    have been the source of my collection. I am especially attracted to
    illustrated textiles and manuscripts and have several on offer. I have
    even more of these from my recent travel to India. I continue to love
    the hunt and the interesting people I meet along the way.

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    T: +1347 553 3357


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