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    hmong tribute banner

    Vietnam (Hmong)
    mid 20th CENTURY
    2.5m x 44 cm

    This long Hmong banner from northern Vietnam pays tribute to folk dieties. Among these are the following:
    Blong Lue was involved with Creation.
    Ntxwj Nyug is a Lord of Otherworld who judges the souls of the dead and determines in which form the soul will be reincarnated -- vegetable, animal, or human.
    Nyuj Vaj Tuam Teem is a Lord of Otherworld who has the power to extend one’s license to live. He also sits behind a great writing desk and issues licenses for rebirth.
    Si Yee has the power to heal.
    Chue Chae who lost his throne in China but promised to return to aid his people.
    Ga Yua is The Heavenly Archer who is able to destroy suns with his bow and arrow.
    Nia Gao Kaiyang is a guardian angel.
    Da is associated with the supernatural forces, blacksmiths, hunters and farmers.

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