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    antique bowling bowls c1900 - a set of 4

    Antique Antique Bowling Bowls C1900 - a set of 4

    A set of four antique crown bowling balls. These are made of "lignum vitae" ( "wood of life" ) and they are dated 1949. It is a set of 4 balls numbered 1 to 4 which belonged to somebody with J. C initials based in Glasgow. They bear hallmarks of the maker Thomas Taylor of Glasgow a Scottish family which established their business in 1796 and they run it for another 196 years before the Heron family took it over in 1992. Taylor Thomas was the first to offer standard bias on bowls by creating the world's first bowl shaping machine. In 1928 the newly formed International Bowling Board adopted the Scottish Bowling Association's rules of the game and the Thomas Taylor standard bowl as the minimum bias bowl for all international matches. Bowls ( The Woods ) - historians believe that the game developed from the Egyptians. One of their pastimes was to play skittles with round stones. This has been determined based on artefacts found in tombs dating circa 5,000 B.C. The sport spread across the world and took on a variety of forms, Bocce (Italian), Bolla (Saxon), Bolle (Danish), Boules (French) and Ula Maika (Polynesian). Lawn bowls are not spherical; they are shaped on one side such that they follow a curved track to the jack. They carry a mark to indicate to which side the bias is applied. The bowls can be delivered on the "forehand" or the "backhand" depending on the player?s preference or where bowls that have already been played are located. It's a beautiful set which can make quite a unique gift to a keen player or can be proudly displayed around the house and even used as door stops!! Measurements: Each bowl weighs 3lbs, or approx 1.4kgs

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