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    an important 19th century venetian mirror engraved with polychrome glass flowers

    An important octagonal Venetian mirror decorated with polychrome glass flowers, whirls and foliage, in the shades of turquoise and pink. The mirror itself is decorated with flower patterns.In 1201 the Venetian Senate wrote a decree that required the glassmakers in Venice to install their furnaces on the island of Murano. Many fires had in fact reported in Venice that had been caused by glass furnaces and the Venetians were concerned about risks posed to their wooden houses. Thus the glass-makers in Venice were forced to transfer their ovens and workshops in Murano, where it remains today one hundred. Each glass house is jealous of its secrets passed down from father to son. The skills of glassmakers of Murano obviously aroused envy of many from other European countries, and it was feared that foreign countries will find the process of people of Murano. Therefore, since 1275, export of raw glass and materials that were used to compose, but also the broken glass, was banned by the Venetian senate. In its heyday, the production of Murano were known and appreciated throughout Europe until Constantinople. Many kings, passing through Venice, traveled to Murano to see and order their dishes, vases, etc..

    Circa :1860
    Dim: W: 31,5 in - D: 3,1in - H: 43,3in.
    Dim: L:80cm, P:8cm, H:110cm.

    Price: SOLD

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