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    20ft georgian styled four pedistal dining table

    20ft Georgian styled four pedistal dining table
    This item is no longer available, but we have thousands of other items available that might interest you, some of which are displayed below. view original item details

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    Antique 20ft Georgian styled four pedistal dining table

    20ft Georgian styled four pedestal dining table by Andrew Christie.
    viewing only.
    A 20ft Georgian styled four pedestal dining table by Andrew Christie. Made of Brazilian mahogany with a satinwood crossbanding and ebony stringing. The central pillars raised on quatrefoil reeded splayed legs terminating with lion paw brass feet, uniquely cast for this table. All elements of this table from the hand planed tops, to the hand-cut screws and table fork receivers were made to achieve a table as authentic to original George III period as possible. Every single inch of this table was checked for signs of a new build but none where found.
    The client had a very highly regarded antique dealer to assess its age of this table a few months after delivery and he deemed it to be worthy of making a huge offer for it. In the period of the early 90s when we made the table, the originals of this quality and size were fetching £30,000-50,000. A testament to the fact that using traditional methods and tools and with attention to detail, it is possible to confuse even experts in their field. Not a fake, it's an authentic copy!. Its all about the story that goes with the item. All Georgian furniture has a history. To be sure of authenticity provenance is the defining element to be sure you have what you have paid for. Not as important with items such as this as there are not many left with the knowledge to create a patina in wood.
    With fine paintings its a very different story, many fine artists turned to copying earlier masters works. In truth, real or fake, when the line is a fine one, quality = by a seriously skilled hand. Seriously skilled hand = Quality. Quality = charm, character, alluring, sometimes even bewildering. If these are the feelings it gives you. You have chosen well regardless.

    Tips and Tricks Revealed. 18th-century ? or is it new?
    (The 200-year-old waney edged look along the length of a multi pedestal period dining table). Heres a table top trick that will force many an expert to think again.
    Once you have picked out then matched your top boards, If possible with no more than three boards per pedestal top, approx minimum 12" wide, wider boards now hard to find, after machining to thickness 3/4" full, and filleting boards for joining, make sure boards at both ends meet with a visible gap in the centre (). Ends must be touching, clamp across the table centre to about 6lbs pressure until centre gap disappears and glue oozes to surface all along the joint of the jointed boards. Doing this means-ends will never separate and the top will last a millennium. Now the scary bit. Thoroughly soak your finished top on one side only. allow it to take in the moisture. Your top will look like a half moon but if your jointing was good, worry not. once dry repeat now to the other side.
    Once dry your table top will be flat again but all the grains will have moved and settled organically. You will see a nice waney edged top now as if it had taken 100 years to settle. Remove all machine marks to surface and underside with planes and scrapers. Job done. You will now be looking at a top that once finished with stains and polish will look all the part of a period table top. This look over a good length will give charm, character and be very pleasing to the eye and for all intent and purpose identical to an 18th-century original.
    More table making tips and tricks on request.

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