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    1890 laing planetarium

    Antique 1890 LAING PLANETARIUM
    • Antique 1890 LAING PLANETARIUM
    • Antique 1890 LAING PLANETARIUM

    st.james's house collection

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    The Laing Planatarium circa 1890
    The planetarium wheels were constructed of wood and driven by string.
    An employee of The Trippensee planetarium company went into business for himself and filled the following application:
    My invention relates to an improved method of illustrating the motions and other phenomena of the planets.
    The objects of my invention are, first, to secure the parallelism of the axes of the earth and Venus automatically as they revolve about the sun; second, to secure the different inclinations of their equators to the ecliptic; third, to secure the diurnal motions of the earth and Venus fourth, to show the relative velocities of the earth and Venus in their orbits around the sun; fifth, to secure the motion of the moon about the earth with its orbit at a constant inclination to the ecliptic; sixth, to show the moons phases by keeping the white or illuminated face of the moon toward the sun; seventh, to show the moons nodes and cause of the eclipses; eighth, to illustrate the apogee and perigee of the moon; ninth, to show the perihelion and aphelion of the planets; tenth, to have all the above motions going on simultaneously. I
    Certainly eclipses the earlier Trippense planetarium in functions.

    wood,paper, pasteboard,metal
    Width (cm):
    20 inches
    Height (cm):
    10 inches
    Price: £7,061.15

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    St.James's House Collection

    Contact details

    St.James's House Collection
    6538 North Lemai
    T: 1 773 841 8401
    E: tkamish@aol.com

    st.james's house collection

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    St.James's House Collection has 7 antiques for sale.
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