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    print white winged crossbill audubon double elepha

    White Winged Crossbill Audubon Double Elephant Leipzig Edition Rare Print This is a rare double elephant sized print from the Audubon Leipzig limited edition numbered 676/1000. Size of each print overall is 38.5 x 25.5 inches (980 x 650 mm) and the size of this print without margins is // X // (// x //). The Leipzig Edition is printed on heavy cardstock like paper, without a gloss. The prints are collotypes. A collotype is an outdated printing technique that was commercially developed around 1868, and all but abandoned after Wold War 2. The collotype was the most accurate and beautiful photomechanical printing method of its time. Its process begins by drying a layer of light sensitive chrome gelatine on a glass plate (similar to the emulsions used by photographic glass plates). This gelatine coated glass plate becomes the printing. Like chromolithography, collotype is a multi-plate printing process.

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