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    print natural history 1894-95 crow chough-thrush h

    NATURAL HISTORY 1894-95 CROW CHOUGH-THRUSH HUIAS BIRDSA page and reverse from The Royal Natural History volume 3 edited by Richard Lydekker. Contents include cetaceans, toothed whales, rodents, mouse like rodents, porcupine like rodents, hare like rodents, edentates, pouched mammals, marsupials, egg laying mammals, monotremes, birds, perching birds, crows, finches, larks, magpies, thrushes warblers, flycatchers, and picarian birds. prints and engravings by W.Kuhnert, F Specht, P J Smit, G Mutel, Gambier, Bolton, and many others. Dates 1894-1895. Size of each print is 10 x 7 inches (260 x 170) all are genuine prints and not modern copies.

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