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    portrait of a french nobleman in sporting dress with embroidered patchbox

    Antique Portrait of a French Nobleman in sporting dress with embroidered patchbox

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    Roslin was born on July 15, 1718, in Malm?, Sweden. In 1759 he married Marie-Suzanne Giroust. He plied his trade in Stockholm, Bayreuth, Vienna, Paris and Italy. From 1750, he worked mainly in Paris.
    He died in Paris on July 5, 1793. Alexander Roslin (1718?1793) is an artist whose better-known paintings are familiar to modern Anglo-American audiences; many will recognize the oft-reproduced portrait he made of his wife, the painter Marie-Suzanne Giroust, known colloquially as The Veiled Lady (1768; Stockholm, Nationalmuseum). But overall, Roslin is a marginalized figure whose lack of critical prominence has led to the perception that he is a minor painter. The facts suggest otherwise. Alexander Roslin is the portrait painter with an incredible ability to realistically express such things as velvet, silk or a woman?s powdered complexion. After just one year in Paris, Roslin was admitted to the art academy, which was very unusual for a foreign artist. He was one of the most highly praised portrait painters of that time, and many went to Paris specifically to be painted by Roslin ("le Su?dois"). He trained with Lars Ehrenbill (1697-1747), a draughtsman employed by the Admiralty in Malmo, and in Stockholm under Georg Engelhardt Schroder (1684-1750), a portrait painter working in the tradition of Hyacinthe Rigaud and Nicolas de Largillierre. In 1741 Roslin moved to Guteborg, but the following year he returned to Malmo, where he executed devotional works for the parish church of Hasslov, Halland, and began establishing himself as a portrait painter. In Paris won the Roslin great reputation and was elected in the French Arts. His early portraits are done in bright and cool colors and shows the influence of Jean-Marc Nighty, for example, the portrait Friherrinnan the Neubourg-Cromi?re (1756). During the 1760''s marked tendency to a form trained further and sharper color painting, for example, the portrait of his wife, Lady with the veil (1768), and family Jennings (1769). He showed in his creation a blend of sensitivity to recent taste and skill. This combination made the great success of the Parisian aristocracy.With unusual talent for drawing and painting, taught Roslin to sign an admiralty captain Ehrenbill in Karlskrona and then started to practice in miniature painting. At the age of sixteen years he became a student of hovm?laren Georg Engelhard Schr?der in Stockholm, with whom he stayed for 1741, and began painting large portraits in oil. Everywhere he was busy with the portrait painting. 1745 Roslin left Sweden and went, after a few years'' stay Bayruth, 1747 to Italy to study the great masterpieces. This portrait was he, among others, in 1752 the princely family in Parma, but traveled the same year to Paris, where he lived for the rest of his life.
    In the French capital city, he was taken against a great champion in his art, in 1753 became a member of the Acad?mie Royale Peinture et de sculpture. On January 8, 1759 he married pastel painter Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734-1772). The couple had three sons and three daughters. He and his portrait paintings were the rage, and a significant triumph, he won in 1765, when he was in competition with Greuze painted a large picture of the family of La Rochefoucauld and won the prize. Shortly before he had done some of their main jobs: painting featuring Louis XV''s reception at the H?tel de wanted in Paris after his convalescence in Metz. The painting with over thirty characters, all in different costumes, performed on order of the city of Paris and was set up in the H?tel de ville, but later destroyed when the building FIRE RAVAGED during the Paris Commune 1871.He also painted several times the French royal family and a host of foreign princes, among others, Gustav III and his brothers in the deliberation on a campaign plan, which now has its place in the National Museum. In pursuit of these and a host of other paintings he developed his artistic skills, particularly in the treatment of certain technical details. A very unusual award he received in 1770 and 1771, when he, although he was a foreigner, was given a pension and free housing in the Louvre. Already in 1767, he had hedrats to be called to the Adviser or a member of the French Academy.He was often surrounded by the Swedes who were visiting in Paris and assisted the passengers Swedish artists with advice and deed. Years 1774-1775 Roslin visited Sweden, where he was elected in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, curiously, as foreign Honorary Member. During the visit he painted when members of the royal family, her self and what is known, only two individuals: National Council CF Scheffer and Linnaeus.
    Empress Catherine II of Russia, (of which he performed several pictures), tried hard to get him in his post, but the Roslin declined her attractive offer and returned to France. Here he continued to work until his death. Ref: AVEPEJ57

    Oil on Canvas
    Width (cm):
    76.20 x 63.50 cm 30.00 x 25.00 ins
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