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    lithograph coloured print of suez egypt after watercolour painting by artist david roberts ra c1839 size 30.75 x 25 inches

    A fine coloured lithograph print of Suez Egypt after the original painted by artist David Roberts RA
    and showing groups of tribesmen with their camels
    resting along the shawline,with riffles and rugs.

    David Roberts RA (24 October 1796 – 25 November 1864) was a Scottish painter. He is especially known for a prolific series of detailed lithograph prints of Egypt and the Near East that he produced during the 1840s from sketches he made during long tours of the region (1838–1840). These, and his large oil paintings of similar subjects, made him a prominent Orientalist painter.
    It was J.M.W. Turner who managed to persuade him to abandon scene painting and devote himself to becoming a true artist. Roberts set sail for Egypt on 31 August 1838, a few years after Owen Jones. His intent was to produce drawings that he could later use as the basis for the paintings and lithographs to sell to the public. Egypt was much in vogue at this time, and travelers, collectors and lovers of antiquities were keen to buy works inspired by the East or depicting the great monuments of ancient Egypt.
    Roberts made a long tour in Egypt, Nubia, the Sinai, the Holy Land, Jordan and Lebanon. Throughout, he produced a vast collection of drawings and watercolour sketches.
    Muhammad Ali Pasha received Roberts in Alexandria on 16 May 1839, shortly before his return to Britain. He later reproduced this scene (apparently from memory) in Volume 3 of Egypt & Nubia.
    On his return to Britain, Roberts worked with lithographer Louis Haghe from 1842 to 1849 to produce the lavishly illustrated plates of the Sketches in the Holy Land and Syria, 1842-1849 and Egypt & Nubia series. He funded the work through advance subscriptions which he solicited directly. The scenery and monuments of Egypt and Holy Land were fashionable but had hitherto been hardly touched by British artists, and so Roberts quickly accumulated 400 subscription commitments, with Queen Victoria being subscriber #1. Her complete set is still in the Royal Collection.
    Threadneedle STreet Aug.18th 1843
    PAINTED APRIL 27TH 1839 By David.Roberts RA
    Width 30.75 Inches ( Including Frame )
    Height 25 Inches ( Including Frame )
    Wooden painted black with gold decorative finish.
    All in good solid condition with no losses.
    All in lovely original condition.with no fading or discolouration.
    All clean & original with fine tailored lines and fine pin line in giold.
    Picture has been properly sealed from behind in
    picture hardboard with gum paper.
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    OUR REF 0426A / SOLD

    Width (cm):
    78 cm
    Height (cm):
    64 cm
    Price: SOLD

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