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    19th century womans atelier painting

    19th century womans atelier painting
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    Antique 19th century womans atelier painting

    A lovely small painting of a female artist showing her latest work to her client.
    Oil on panel late 19th century faintly signed and dated bottom left.

    During the 19th century, British women artists faced various challenges when it came to selling their works. The art world at that time was predominantly male-dominated, and societal norms often
    restricted women's access to professional opportunities. Nevertheless, several strategies were employed by British women artists to sell their artworks:
    Exhibitions: Women artists participated in exhibitions to showcase and sell their works. They often sought opportunities to exhibit their paintings at prestigious venues such as the Royal Academy of Arts in London, which was the leading art institution of the time. While it was challenging for women to gain acceptance into these exhibitions, some managed to break through and gain recognition.
    Alternative exhibition spaces: In addition to traditional institutions, some women artists organized their own exhibitions or participated in alternative venues. They established artist collectives, formed women's art societies, and organized group exhibitions to showcase their works and attract potential buyers.
    Art dealers and agents: Women artists often relied on art dealers and agents to promote and sell their works. These intermediaries would market the artworks to potential buyers, negotiate prices, and handle the logistics of sales. Establishing relationships with influential dealers or agents was crucial for women artists to gain exposure and secure sales.
    Private commissions: Women artists sometimes received private commissions from patrons, collectors, or wealthy individuals. These commissions provided a direct avenue for selling their works and ensured a steady income. Establishing connections with wealthy patrons or influential individuals was essential in securing such commissions.
    Art societies and organizations: Joining or forming art societies and organizations allowed women artists to network with fellow artists, curators, and potential buyers. These societies often organized events, exhibitions, and social gatherings, providing opportunities for artists to sell their works directly to interested buyers.
    Collaborations with male artists: In some cases, women artists collaborated with male artists who were more established and recognized. These collaborations provided exposure and opportunities to showcase their works alongside more renowned artists, increasing the chances of selling their artworks.
    It is important to note that even with these strategies, women artists still faced significant obstacles in selling their works and achieving financial success comparable to their male counterparts. Societal biases, gender roles, and limited access to professional networks often hindered their careers. However, their perseverance and contributions helped pave the way for future generations of women artists to gain recognition and opportunities in the art world.
    Condition report:
    Some craquelure little paint loss bottom left. and gloss varnish. The picture could do with a light clean and revarnish. Ref: YQ2BGJ72Q

    Width (cm):
    Height (cm):

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