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    barograph. microns thermo hygrograph

    • Barograph. Microns Thermo Hygrograph

    For Recording Temperature and Humidity Micons Thermo-hygrograph is a portable Temperature and Relative Humidity recorder. This records the change in both temperature and humidity in one chart Feature: 1.Temperature sensitive element is of bi-metallic type 2.Humidity measuring element is sensitive hair element 3.Barograph records on one chart both temperature and humidity 4.The clocks of this instrument are Mechanical i)24 Hours Rotation clock ways weekly winding ii)7 Days Rotation clock way 5.Range: i)Temperature: 00 C to 500 C ii)Humidity: 0% to 100% A Barograph is a chart recorder that measures and records both temperature and humidity (or dew point). A bi-metallic strip for temperature and one human hair bundle for humidity. Includes one Green and purple felt–tipped pen to record the reading. A Barograph is usually configured with a pen that records temperature on a revolving cylinder. The pen is at the end of a lever that is controlled by a bi-metal strip of temperature-sensitive metal which bends as the temperature changes.The case is solid brass painted black only high-quality materials are used. Comes with inks this is a very nice Clean Machine and should give many more years. instructions on how to set it up are included thanks for looking. Please be aware that this may have age-related Marks and blemishes. I thank it’s 1890 - 1950 can not find.much information about it

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    Colin Nielson

    Contact details

    Colin Nielson
    43 Green Hay Drive
    L30 2NS
    T: 07775277164
    E: Colin-n@hotmail.com

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    colin nielson

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