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    Why are some so ugly

    Posted by Iain Brunt on 10/09/2016

    Why are some so ugly


    Why did they make things quite so ugly and grotesque? It appears that quite often with far eastern and midlle eastern pieces that the more distasteful the piece the more popular it is


    This week sees the opening (private view) Monday of the popular antiques and art fair in Berkeley square London. Sadly I cant be there for heatlh reasons but I am sure all who visit will enjoy this magnificent exhibtio. It gives you a chance to see some of the rarer works of art availble to buy even though we have many on here there are so many areas being covered its great to browse. Whilst you are in the square take a look at the large sculpture in front of the marquee by Based Upon It's a fabulous represntation of the old and the new.


    Download: 3443_1307713_1.jpg

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