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    Statement pieces

    Posted by Gillian Jones B.A/M.A/PGCE on 26/05/2016

    Statement pieces

    Statement Pieces


    There's nothing like a bold statement piece to really liven up a room. You may be a traditionalist with a love of classic pieces, or perhaps you're a true modernist with a flair for putting contemporary looks together and mixing them with the odd antique piece?

    A central piece as a focal point in your room


    Whatever style you've decided on for your living room or bedroom, whichever room it is, there's nothing better than a beautiful centre piece. Something that sets the tone of the room and gives it that lovely wow factor. This week we've taken a look at some great statement pieces and you can decide which suits your home best, your theme or your personal taste. You can make your statement piece completely contemporary or you can choose an antique piece for a gorgeous vintage look.




    A chandelier is definitely the kind of centre piece you'd want in your living room if you like the attention, because it really stands out for all the right reasons. If you're on a tight budget don't feel you can't have one, because there are plenty of cheaper options. Even if you choose an antique chandelier, there's plenty of variation on price and size, so it doesn't have to be too opulent, you can get one that's in keeping with the style of your home and budget.




    There's nothing better than a mirror to add some pizzazz to a room. It can also make a room seem bigger than it is, ideal in a too-small bathroom perhaps. You might also consider mirrored furniture if you want to brighten the room a little, or perhaps you'd prefer one large statement mirror piece. Choose one with the least embellishments if you're a bit of a minimalist, or perhaps look out for something a little more ostentatious if you prefer a lot of bling. 






    Yes, even one chair can be the statement piece that finishes off the room nicely giving  your room a certain gravitas. Depending on which room you place it in, you could go for a queen Anne leather armchair with pride of place near a bookshelf, or how about a large, colourful fabric chair that shares space with a 2 or 3 piece sofa? It could even be something with more of an industrial, modern touch, something that is of a unique shape, or where unusual materials have been used to create fantastic shapes to form a chair.



    Yes a beautiful piece of artwork could really set your room apart from the rest, with plenty of admiring glances and comments, but it doesn't have to be a Gainsborough to add a little class. Why not go for something abstract with a vibrant colour palette? Something that picks up the colours in the furnishings and upholstery?


    Take a look on where you'll find plenty of beautiful statement pieces to use around your home to add that final touch. Whether it's some of the things we've suggested here, or you find something else, like a wooden chest, a dining table with chairs or a fireplace, we're bound to have it on our directory, and you can shop from the comfort of your own home.








    1/ Name at least one example of a statement pieces from the ones we've suggested in our blogs this week


    2/ In one of our blogs, we mentioned something that you use to make coffee with, what was it?


    3/ Which item did we mention in our statement piece blogs that could help your bathroom look bigger?



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