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    Posted by Gillian Jones on 25/10/2016

    We have a bumper selection of blogs this month as we enter the home straight towards the year’s end. We’ve got blogs on the back story to David Lloyd’s famous Guy Fawkes mask and a brief look at how an antique rug can change the look of a room, giving it a nice warm, autumnal feel. We also look at how lighting can transform a room whether it’s in winter or for Christmas, and www.antiques.co.uk has some beautiful lighting in its directory this month. We’re also looking at dinner services and coffee sets, now that the entertaining season is upon us.

    If you love to entertain throughout the rest of the year, then Christmas will be a special time for you in entertaining friends and relatives. A beautiful coffee set which has been exquisitely decorated can be the perfect antidote to that post dinner slump, providing a talking point for all those feeling a little weary after all that food.

    We look at rugs and at the difference they can make to a room, they’re especially welcoming at this time of year and there are a multitude of difference patterns weaves and designs out there from which to choose. We have a pretty impressive selection on our website. We’ve also taken the time to look at how you can keep your antique rug in tip top condition. See all our rugs here.

    Lighting is another fundamental aspect of autumn and winter, creating the right ambience for short days and long nights. We look at how you can make the lighting your focal point or use it to showcase a particular part of the room; it’s certainly a real favourite at Christmas where lighting really does come into its own at this magical time of year.

    Finally, our Guy Fawkes blog looks at how David Lloyd’s V for Vendetta mask lives on, keeping the memory of Guy Fawkes alive. The mask has kept Guy Fawkes firmly in the forefront of anti-government protests all over the world, worn by both the Occupy protesters and the Anonymous Group, an international group of activists and hackers. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with their views, it has kept Guy Fawkes firmly in people’s minds, Fawkes is no longer just a throwaway character burnt on the bonfire on November 5 th, and he’s come to represent so much more.