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    Antique Interior Design: 10 Ways to Create a Unique Look

    Posted by Iain Brunt on 27/05/2022

    Antique Interior Design: 10 Ways to Create a Unique Look

    Some designs never go out of style. They are valued and appreciated all year round. However, sometimes they are tricky to pull off. You either go overboard or don’t do enough and end up with an incomplete look. Yes, we are talking about decorating with antiques.

    It might seem unlikely, but storage units by STORED can help you a great deal in making your place seem like it came right out of an antique dream. There’s no need to let go of your previous belongings if you plan to remodel your home and give it an entirely new look. A storage facility will help you safely store everything you don't need currently.


    Antiques don't have to be boring or monotonous. You can mix it with modern interiors. It will add character, depth and a cultural element to the space. Unique pieces can be combined with contemporary ones to create a calm and inviting home that simultaneously values remarkableness and comfort.


    Add antiques as a statement piece:


    Decorate with antiques to emphasise the spot that matters the most. It will draw attention to every watching eye making the place look sophisticated. A bold brass pendant light will make a statement, or an oversized vintage rug will give your space a classic look.


    Don’t underestimate smaller items. They can make an impact if used wisely. You can go for a beautiful vase, a side table or a light. The minute details will make your home feel like it has naturally come together.

    Give your bathroom an antique look:


    We know an antique bathroom may sound absurd, but that’s what makes it so unique and exciting to decorate with your favourite vintage style. It doesn’t have to match the rest of the bathroom decor but carefully select the piece. You still want it to look like part of the bathroom.


    You can give a bright coloured dresser a try. Maybe add glazed doors to bathroom shelves or convert a console to make a washstand. Don’t be afraid to give DIY projects a try!

    Mix and match the eras:


    Before mixing and matching various pieces from different eras, remember the goal is not to cause clutter. You can blend different styles by selecting a sleek and glamorous set of couches and tables. Surround them with decorative antique plates or vases and lamps. Or go for a beautiful chest of drawers with vintage handles decorated with modern showpieces.

    Focus on details:


    Detailing your space, whether you go full vintage style or mix it with modern and contemporary designs, is crucial. Beauty, most times, lies in details.


    Consistency is essential when detailing is concerned with design elements. You want your pieces to go well together. Ensure that similar details are present in the entire room so the space feels both unified and deliberate.

    Be creative and experiment:


    If you are more of an eclectic design person, consistency might not be your cup of tea. You can boast gigantic mirrors, chairs and tables. Add a white sofa or a bright mustard one to go with your unique creative style.


    Make your space look luxurious with colourful patterns and lavish fabrics. Remember, not each antique item has to fulfil a purpose. It can just add to the beauty and make the room stand out.


    Let your imagination run wild!

    Go overboard with style:


    Don’t be afraid to go all the way if you love the antique style!


    If you wish to keep the style personal, go overboard with antique showpieces, bed frames, side drawers etc., in your bedroom. Your options are infinite if you have the luxury of space.

    Incorporate all the elements with care to make the vintage interior grand. Even if it looks overly done, it will look pleasing to your eyes and that matters!

    Welcome gold and earthy tones:


    Adding gold and earthy tones to your space will give it a warm, welcoming and captivating look. Use gold-painted decor in moderation to give a classy and elegant view. You can add a gold-rimmed mirror to give the illusion of a larger room if you have limited space.

    Make it comfortable with a hint of antique look:


    If you want a liveable space with a hint of antique character, then go for comfort and beauty, hand in hand. It shouldn’t feel and look too contrived. Rather the aim should be to make the space playful, snug and enthralling your interest wherever you look.

    Solution for small spaces:


    The perfect solution to redecorate small spaces is to rent a storage unit with STORED. It’s hassle-free, safe and affordable. You won't have to spend an arm and leg to give space to your stuff that doesn't go with the new antique design. You can finally buy that vintage piece you’ve been eyeing!


    A storage facility will make your refurbishment easy, comfortable and smooth. You won't have to worry about cramping your space and making it look like a tornado scene.

    Play with patterns and texture:


    Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and different textures. Materials such as velvet, tweed, corduroy, leather and rattan will create an authentic vintage look. 

    Go for florals, contrasting colours, and a black and white checkerboard floor. Experiment and have fun with it!


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