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    japanese meditative scroll by gyokusen mochizuki

    A fine work by the japanese artist Gyokusen Mochizuki (1834-1913) which shows the ancient Daruma meditating to Nirvana. The work is done on lined paper with hard wood scroll end and a packing case for when not in use. The pine case provides various information on cards contained within:
    'Painted by Gyokusen Mochizuki- a Zen Buddhist priest who lived in Kyoto, he died approximately 130 years ago. The painting is believed to be at least 150 years old. The vers is by the poet Goho and is written in old Japanese: 'Satori the spirit of Zen will spread around the world forever' 'Goho praised this picture with his poetry'
    'Daruma known in sanscrit as Bodhidharma the 28th Patriarch in line from Buddha was the founder of Zen Buddhism. Originall from India he emigrated to China in 520AD settling in Shoren Temple on Mount Su. At this temple he performed his famous 9 years of meditating facing the wall. This work depicts this feat. (Mempeki Kunen) His famous words: 'the original reason for my coming to this country was to transmit the law in order to save the confused. One flower with five petals is unfolded and the bearing of fruit will by itself come'
    The work is in relatively good condition, but does have some water staining.

    overall size in inches
    70 high
    22 wide

    Width (cm):
    Height (cm):
    Price: SOLD

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