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Sculpture - how it affects our vision of art and sculpture in the landscape.

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Botanical Interiors

Botanical Interiors

This year interiors are taking a botanical turn as walls and furnishings are turned into different shades of green. And you can’t but help but admire the shades and patterns currently on offer.

Even if you weren’t considering a refurb or change of décor this year, it’s enough to tempt you into change. Even Mathew Williamson has decided to chip in with some gorgeous wallpaper designs for Osborne & Little. They capture nature’s miracles perfectly, with dragonflies, wild birds and flora and fauna in a variety of beautiful hues that are bound to transform any room.

Gillian Jones

My uncle, a member of the Royal Academy
of Arts, encouraged me from an early age to be
fascinated in art, antiques and design
My love of antiques is about history,
makers and their evolution over the ages.
I hope you will enjoy exploring our website.

IAIN BRUNT, founder

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