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Christmas Gifts where the past makes the perfect present

Posted by Amy Lugten on 13/11/2014

Christmas Gifts where the past makes the perfect present

Lalique – a unique Christmas gift

by Amy Lugten


Christmas is a time when department stores are running rampant, peddling Christmas items that are sometimes very good quality, but often are a dime-a-dozen. Antiques.co.uk lists many wonderful and rare items, a few of these coming from the famous French design house of Lalique.


Lalique lived in two ages – the pre-industrial age, when things were a little simpler, and the twentieth century, when phones, electricity, and cars began to rule the world. A celebrated jeweler, then a renowned glassmaker, Lalique went from small artisanal production to factory production without compromising on taste and quality, and remained a market leader. He is most probably recognised for his stellar Art-Deco jewellery and glass pieces, which I first got a taste for in the early 1990s television show ‘Lovejoy’.


But somehow that quintessential Lalique quality remains in all the pieces, despite moving to larger production. It is a rare name that makes exclusive products, eternally interesting. On the website, we have a very unique Great War Cross Brooch, produced to commemorate the muddy, dirty heroes of the Western Front in 1915. On Christmas Day, some soldiers might get some leave, respite, letters, or even presents from home. It is a reminder that, in this year of the centenary of the beginning of the First World War, art and culture remain crucial to who were are. You can find it here (http://antiques.co.uk/antique/Lalique-Great-War-cross-brooch).



The next piece dates from near the same period, and is another wonderful example of Lalique craft, and his gift for perceiving what the market wanted, and fulfilling that desire in a unique way. The ‘Lalique for Fioret’ pendant signifies the designs made by Lalique for the Fioret perfume company. This pendant has a dancing Bacchante, reveling near a tree and flailing a ribbon in gay celebration. Perhaps a gift for a loved one, or one who loves unique jewellery (http://antiques.co.uk/antique/Lalique-for-Fioret-pendant).


Lastly, but not least, we have a late Lalique brooch from the 1970s or 1980s. It is a turtle, with a metal clasp, with semi-opaque glass that reflects the light going through it. It is of lovely design taste, but quite heavy, and so requires coats or heavier clothing – perfect for a winter time gathering, and perfect at Christmas. Why not be the most interesting guest at your dinner party, and dress to impress with this highly interesting piece (http://antiques.co.uk/antique/Lalique-turtle-brooch).


May your Christmas be lovely, and stay tuned for more pre-Christmas news!



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