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Sculpture - how it affects our vision of art and sculpture in the landscape.

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The painting ‘Portrait of a Gentleman in Robes’

The painting ‘Portrait of a Gentleman in Robes’

In the highest circles

By David Taylor


The painting ‘Portrait of a Gentleman in Robes’ (http://www.antiques.co.uk/antique/Portrait-of-a-Gentleman-in-Robes-by-Godfrey-Kneller) offered for sale on the website at the moment brings to mind the circles that painters like Sir Godfrey Kneller moved in. Although this painting is classified as ‘Circle of Sir Godfrey Kneller’, this still tells us a lot about its creation. ‘Circle of’ generally means that the art work shows the influence of the master, and may possibly have known the master, but might not have been his or her pupil.



David Taylor

My uncle, a member of the Royal Academy
of Arts, encouraged me from an early age to be
fascinated in art, antiques and design
My love of antiques is about history,
makers and their evolution over the ages.
I hope you will enjoy exploring our website.

IAIN BRUNT, founder

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