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    Joseph Farquharson
    Get away from the chocolate Easter egg obsession

    Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, perhaps a markedly more ostentatious display of affection, you could try looking on www.antiques.co.uk. I go on there sometimes just to see what will come up if I key in certain words. For instance, today I keyed in “spring,” and I got a Victorian Marquetry Inlaid Circular Breakfast Table, an Imperial Jade and Diamond ring and leather Victorian Rocking Chair, amongst other things. When I keyed in ‘Easter,’ I got just the one item, an Easter island head carved in malachite stone. Whatever takes your fancy, that’s what I say.


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    Fabergé Eggs
    Once upon a time in Russia (and I’ve always wanted to say that), there was a jeweller/artist/goldsmith working for the Russian Imperial Court. He would go on to create the world-famous Faberge egg, named after himself of course. Yes, Faberge eggs are for the rich. All his eggs were and still are decorated with the finest jewels and the most precious objects imaginable. They are symbolic of a dynastic and passionate world for which there is no equivalent today. They embody the world from which they came.

    Faberge himself was born in the middle of the 19th century and travelled the world before settling down to a goldsmith course in France, England and Germany. He learnt his craft well, and his exquisite eggs were representative of his talent and dedication to even the minutest of details.


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    We're starting our quiz again and there’s a prize for the correct answer, a free gold account on www.antiques.co.uk allowing you to list unlimited items for sale and reach over 1 million visitors worth £500-00. Good luck!
    What is the equinox?
    Terms and conditions apply. All participants must be over 18 years of age, they should be a new member to antiques.co.uk and for the correct answer they will receive a free gold membership on www.antiques.co.uk worth £500-00


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