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    Antiques.co.uk - March Newsletter

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    March Newsletter
    So, March takes on a home straight towards summer and about time too. I’m sure we’re all tired of the wind, rain and hail that Hurricane Doris has brought. Now, we’re ready for warm nights and long days. March is also a popular month for birthdays, so as well as spending more time outdoors or off travelling somewhere exotic, you may be celebrating birthdays.

    Always keep an eye out for new item antique listings you can click here and see the most recent items added to save you time.

    Of course, if you are looking for birthdays for friends or loved ones then www.antiques.co.uk is probably the best stop for unusual and original gifts, ones which are constantly changing and being updated, so there’s always something new and different. With our carefully selected search engine categories, it’s now easier than ever to find what you’re looking for.


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    Garden Antiques
    Will you be out and about in the garden more this year?

    And with spending time in the garden being on the top of everybody’s list this spring and summer, there’ll be many of you off on your travels, and so we’ve put together a couple of blogs this month on garden furniture/ornaments, because it’s probably around this time of year that you’ll be thinking of tidying up the garden in time for some summer sun. We’ve spotted some excellent examples of what we’re talking about, and we’ve talked about them on our blog. Keep in mind that by the time you read it, some of the items we mention will have been sold. However, we hope it whets your appetite to look for more, there’s always new items being added, in all categories, so never give up.
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    Where will you be going on your travels?

    The travel blog looks at memorabilia and how people travelled back in the 19th century, how easy is it today with all the different ways we can reach our chosen destination? And all those apps and gadgets to help us get there quicker. As always, keep an eye out on our home page over on www.antiques.co.uk because we’re constantly adding new items, and if you visit regularly, once you’ve spotted something, you can make a move before someone else nabs it.

    We hope you enjoy March and that it brings you, and the rest of us, some warmer weather as well as longer days, it’s long overdue!

    Do get in touch with us if you have any questions or if there’s anything you’re unsure of, our contact details on our website.

    Until next time, from us all at www.antiques.co.uk take care and we’ll see you next month!
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    We're starting our quiz again and there’s a prize for the correct answer, a free gold account on www.antiques.co.uk allowing you to list unlimited items for sale and reach over 1 million visitors worth £500-00. Good luck!
    In which decade did the Surgeon General warn about the dangers of smoking, putting an end to cigarettes on Valentine’s cards?
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