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    Antiques.co.uk - February Newsletter

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    February Newsletter
    February has come round again and slowly we’re beginning to see the longer days, and we’re certain that spring is finally on its way. With this in mind, some of you may be preparing for a winter vacation, a skiing holiday perhaps. A winter skiing holiday is always popular at this time of year, especially between January and March. It’s a great way of relaxing and getting some exercise, and then sitting in front of a log fire in your cabin drinking some mulled wine, Irish coffee or some hot buttered rum. It certainly beats sitting out the grey winter evenings here.

    Skiing – once it was a way of getting around, now it’s simply a great way of having fun

    In one of our blogs this month, we talk about skiing and its development from utilitarian method of getting stuff done in the snow, to the giant ski resort destination for millions of Britons, whether it’s Italy you’re headed for or one of Canada’s famous resorts. Skiing has come a long way from farming and hunting to the Olympic sport it is today, but you don’t have to be an Olympian to take part, you can be a complete novice and still have time a great time on the slopes.

    Winter Scene
    Valentines Day
    Give your loved one a gift that will last forever!

    We’ve also taken a look at Valentine’s Day and the inception of the first Valentine cards, and how they developed from simple love poems and letters to the million-dollar industry it is today. Valentine’s Day always seems to come around very quickly and you’re always left wondering what to buy, it can be a nightmare finding the right gift. Why not take a look online at our website www.antiques.co.uk where you’ll find all sorts of fantastic gift ideas that are both original and incredibly authentic.
    Heart Ring
    Roman Ring
    Roman Gold And Intaglio Ring READ MORE
    Crowned heart ring
    Victorian Diamond Necklace READ MORE
    Boxing Glove
    Muhammad Ali Signed Boxing Glove READ MORE
    Edwardian Watch Pendant
    Edwardian Pendant Watch READ MORE
    Diamond Cluster Ring
    Pair Of 19th Century Gilt Bronze Birds READ MORE
    Heart Brooch
    Boucheron Bunny Brooch READ MORE
    Chinese Horse
    Rare 19th Century Chinese Bronze READ MORE
    Natural Conch Shells
    Pair Of 19th Century Natural Conch Shells READ MORE
    Antique Human Skull X2 READ MORE
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    In which decade did the Surgeon General warn about the dangers of smoking, putting an end to cigarettes on Valentine’s cards?
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