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    Hidden Value with antiques expert Drew Pritchard

    Everyone has their favourite item, be it a teddy bear passed down the generations, or a mid-century gem that has pride of place in your sitting room. But have you ever thought about finding out a little more about your prized possessions, or getting a professional opinion on it?

    Drew Pritchard (Salvage Hunters) is working with Direct Line to give his thoughts on items from the general public. The Hidden Value campaign allows you to get Drew to look over your pieces giving his opinion on his favourites. So far we’ve had things from grandfather clocks to children’s kaleidoscopes.

    So if you ever wondered about the story behind your prized possessions, or just want to confirm what you already know, go over to the pages and upload an image and as much information about the item as you know. You never know, there may be more than meets the eye.

    Hidden Value with Antiques Expert Drew Pritchard
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