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    April Newsletter

    Easter, whatever it means to you, a religious holiday, a time to unwind and enjoy some me time, or a free period in which to spend with your family and friends. It comes around quickly enough and yet disappears just as quickly, before you know it, it's over. So it's important that you're well prepared and that you make sure you make the most of this relaxing period while it’s here.

    Now we are on the other side of the Easter weekend by the time you read this, then perhaps you're dreading the beginning of the working week, or savouring the last of the Easter holidays before the kids go back to school. No matter, just find yourself some quality time to unwind before you start anything - don't rush back into that hectic work schedule too soon.

    Spring, longer days, more outdoor fun...

    Now spring has officially arrived, we await the warmer weather and long days ahead. The harshness of winter has gone, taking with it the darkness and hopefully, the rain. The spring weather does make you want to do more, making you feel more motivated and raring to get going. More daylight hours means more energy and more forward planning, holidays, time away, how to entertain the children, sports, outdoor activities.

    Refresh and revitalise your living space

    If you're preparing to decorate and furnish a room, then this is the best time of year to do it, and with this in mind, we've continued with our interiors blogs. This month we've taken a look at scale and proportion and how to make sure your room has balance with all the furniture and objects in it.

    Antique and modern

    We've then taken a look at furnishing your home with both antique and modern pieces to create a fresh and original look. It's so important to put your own personal stamp on a place, so it reflects your personality and character. We love talking antiques and we like to think they can fit into any space, interact with other more modern pieces, and blend in with whichever style you have going on. Or why even have a style, let your room be filled with lots of different periods, 19th century pieces sitting alongside 20th century.

    Relax and enjoy...

    Whatever you're doing for the Easter holiday or are planning on doing, make sure you find time to relax in the middle of it all. If you do feel like finding some antique pieces to furnish your home with, and you're looking for something unusual, then always find time to browse www.antiques.co.uk. You’ll find something new almost every day because our home page has fresh items on our site as soon as they're available. In the meantime, all of us here at www.antiques.co.uk we hope you had a happy and peaceful Easter holiday – until next time.

    Running Rabbits Brooch

    John Close Sundial

    8 Lamp Polished Brass Chandelier Flemish
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    What is the formula for measuring scale in a room? Can you name the ratio?
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