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    Antiques.co.uk - February Newsletter

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    February Newsletter

    As the year enters it's second month it feels like the year is now well under way. Before we know it, we'll have the spring, or at least that's what we're telling ourselves. The evenings certainly feel as if they're getting lighter, and surely the weather is going to improve at some point?

    February brings us a little hope, a glimpse of better times and better weather. January seemed like it would never end, the dark, wet, miserable days that ended as quickly as they began, and the awful weather, wind, rain and sleet. With Christmas only just over, we crawled through the weeks waiting impatiently for the paycheck at the end of the month and for another positive step toward spring.

    Surely spring is on it's way?

    And yes, spring is nearly upon us, but don't cast a clout till May is out, isn't that what they say? So there is a possibility of bad weather still ahead, but just think, February is a key to the door, we're nearly there. And yes the 14th February brings St Valentine's Day, a day you either love or hate. Yes, it can be overly commercialized and some of those Valentine cards are truly awful. However, St Valentine's Day is what you make it, and if you do love this time of year and you want to celebrate it, then do it your way.

    Our blogs this month are about St Valentine's Day and winter sports

    This month our blogs have been looking at Valentine's Day, pairs and Winter sports. You may be on your way to a place in Europe to ski or perhaps you're going further afield to America perhaps, or Canada. Wherever you choose to go, you may have developed a love for winter sports that's so strong you've either started collecting memorabilia from the past, or you'd love to start a collection of your own. If this is the case, then you may find our blog on this very subject of great interest to you.

    Waiting for your summer break instead of a winter holiday?

    If you can't fit in a winter holiday this year and you're waiting impatiently for your summer break then we hope the next few months will go quickly for you. Now we've reached the month of February, it's only a matter of time before the spring arrives and you start to enjoy the warmer weather and your holiday in the sun.

    We hope you've survived January and you're now happy, healthy and well in the month of February. If you celebrate St Valentine's Day, then good luck for this special day, and if not, then enjoy the month and just think ahead towards to spring, it's almost here.

    Until next time, take care

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    There's one way you can claw back everything you spent in November in December on presents though and that's by placing some items on www.antiques.co.uk. What kind of items would these be I wonder? Well they'd be old toys, old furniture, men and women's accessories, musical instruments, games, the list is endless. Perhaps you've inherited some items from older relatives and they've been collecting dust upstairs. Now's the time to go searching in those eaves, looking through those old pictures and examining anything you think may be of interest.

    Take a look around our website

    Perhaps you're not really sure what that might be, but there's one sure way of finding out by taking a quick look through our website and checking out not only the new items we have on our home page, but also on the left-hand side which has a long list of subject headings. This ranges from nautical pieces to antique ceramics. They're listed alphabetically, so do go through and you'll see the type of things that are online. You may even recognize an item that's hidden away in the attic, it might be worth checking out.

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    Antiques lying around you no longer like?

    You may also have some antiques that are gathering dust, they could be items that someone's given you as a gift or an item that someone passed on to you from someone else, like a relative and you've now put it somewhere safe. You may have forgotten about, but why not pull it out and see if you can sell it online? The fees to place something online is very reasonable and you'll be exposing it to a much wider audience than you would locally. We have a global audience of dedicated antique lovers, so why not introduce the world to your item?

    There are antique dealers out there looking for your item

    By selling items online you can provide good quality images and as much detail as you can provide, this will help the buyer make a decision on whether it's item for him. Rather than go on a lengthy trip around the country, an antique specialist can look online and find what he's looking for so much easier. It's a win-win situation for those that are looking for a specific item. It could be yours and you're opening up your item to be viewed by someone who's willing to pay the asking price.

    Don't let your antiques and collectibles gather dust in some old attic space, sell them online, with us, here at www.antiques.co.uk. That way, you may get a lovely surprise come the end of January with a little bit of pocket money to pay those bills, and perhaps a little left over to treat yourself – after all, Christmas has been hard work, surely you deserve a little reward


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