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    Happy New Year
    This has been a turbulent year and it's ended on a little bit of a low with the flooding in large parts of the U.K over Christmas. For many, especially in Cumbria, this will be the umpteenth time people have been left with the mess and trauma such an experience leaves behind. Here at antiques, we feel for all those of you who've endured such events and we hope you'll be back in your feet again soon.

    For those of you in the rest of the world who've endured the horrors of terrorism, we reach out to all of you and wish you peace and love to help heal the pain. We hope that this fresh new year helps to heal your wounds, those gained both mentally and physically.

    We hope the new year ahead of us brings us a conclusion to many unanswered questions, resolution to current conflicts and better things to look forward to in the coming months.

    In our blogs this month we've taken a look at travel and planning your holidays. We've also taken a look at the turbulent events of the year and what may be in store ahead. If you've celebrated New Years Eve, then you'll be aware of the different myths surrounding this global end of year celebrations.

    In Spain 12 grains of grape are eaten at 12 to bring happiness to each of the 12 months ahead. In Greece, a cake with a coin within brings happiness for the coming year. In Germany, as in the UK and the US, fireworks play a major part in celebrations. In Medieval times hissing would chase away evil spirits, hence the fireworks in Germany today. In Brazil you'd wear white clothes on New Years Eve to bring peace and good fortune.

    All those traditions, myths, whatever you want to call them, are all carried out for the same reason, for a happy new year ahead. To bring happiness, peace, good fortune and 12 good months ahead. It is only natural that with one year behind and the unknown stretching out before, that we may want to try and place things in our favour.

    We don't really know what the year ahead holds for us, but we hope that it brings all our customers a year full of peace and happiness.

    We will be changing things around a bit in the new year, they will be the same but better. Improving what we already have, but making it so much better for our customers, so you can benefit from our antiques directory and thus improve our global reach. This way, any items you place with us will have an even greater audience. And don't forget you can find items with us too, perhaps something you've been searching for. We’ll still have the same great search facilities with many hundreds of different items available.

    So stay with us and we’ll face what the new year brings together. We hope you enjoyed your new year celebrations and we hope there's plenty to look forward in the coming months. Take care from all of us here at www.antiques.co.uk.

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