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    Antiques.co.uk Newsletter - November 2008

    www.antiques.co.uk NEWSLETTER
    04 Nov 2008

    Welcome to the monthly Antiques.co.uk newsletter

    JOIN NOW FOR FREE!In the last month we have seen 32,000 new visitors view Antiques.co.uk which means that our registered sellers have had over 1,000 new visitors a day through their worldwide shops. Would you want to miss out on those customers coming to visit you?

    No-one wants to miss out on sales, especially at this current time. Without mentioning the dreaded ‘credit crunch’ in too much detail, we don’t want our sellers missing out either. That is why we offer a free trial period for six months! Yes, for six months you can register your items on Antiques.co.uk for free and take advantage of our service whilst we drive customers your way. Not only will your items be fully searchable on our site but they will also come up as unique items when searched for on search engines such as Google so you can truly be part of a global marketplace

    Isn’t it about time you tapped into your worldwide audience and listed your antiques online?

    We have also teamed up with Mythings.com to offer you an antiques valuation service for your items. For just £2.49 the Mythings.com valuers will tell you the history of your items and the values. The valuers also have varied areas of expertise so you can benefit from their experience in valuing anything from Old Master paintings to XIXth century Revival jewellery.

    Curious about the treasures in your home?

    Ancestral Art

    While visiting an antique shop one day, William Gladstone encountered an early 17th Century portrait depicting an aristocrat in elaborate Spanish dress, complete with frills, plumed hat and lace cuffs.

    Though much enamored with the work, Gladstone deemed the price too high and reluctantly left. Some time later, he was astonished to find his beloved portrait hanging in the home of a wealthy London merchant. "It's a portrait of one of my ancestors," the man proudly declared, "a minister at the Court of Queen Elizabeth." "Three pounds less," Gladstone drily replied, "and he would have been my ancestor."

    William Gladstone

    Wanted by buyers this week...

    Antiques.co.uk also gives buyers the chance to request items that our sellers may have. This is a perfect tool for you to match your antiques to our buyers. Every time a buyer searches on Antiques.co.uk, and doesn’t find what they’re looking for, they get a chance to save their search. This then comes up on the front page as Wanted Items. Make sure you are checking this regularly to find out what your potential customers are looking for. Here are just a few items that have been requested;

    • ASHFORD MARBLE: buyer is seeking any items of Ashford Marble. All considered.
    • ANTIQUE FURNITURE: There are a few buyers that are looking for antique furniture, particularly side boards and lamps.
    • RUSSIAN ART: A dealer has several clients looking for pre-1950s Russian Art and is looking for a provider of such items.
    • ANTIQUE TRUNKS: there seems to be a trend towards antique trunks and luggage. There are several buyers looking for these items.
    "Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural."

    We look forward to seeing you on Antiques.co.uk soon.