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    Antiques.co.uk - August Newsletter

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    Collect and wear your antique items
    This month we’ve been looking at small collectable items – how to start, where to start and where to start looking for that certain something. Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold value. As we’ve seen, items such as jewellery and glass can make for great collections, whether they started off as family heirlooms or were passed on from someone close to you and have been lying around in an unused room for years.

    Of course you don’t always have to sell them on at auction or on www.antiques.co.uk either, you can keep on adding to them and if jewellery is your bag, you could even wear them. There’s nothing better than an original vintage jewellery piece to wear out, they’re usually cheaper than high street statement pieces and they look so original in comparison to anything you’ll buy from the mass produced pieces found in most stores.
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    Diamond & Ruby Earings
    August – in London
    BBC Proms
    Yes it’s August , children and students are at home from school , if you’re looking for something to keep you occupied go to the BBC Proms which started on the 17th July and ends on the 12th September.

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    Antiques Fair
    Antiques Fair
    Don’t forget the antiques fairs up and down the country over the next few weeks over the summer for helping you to find some beautiful pieces, whether its tea caddies, Wedgewood glass or rare books. And of course there’s nothing like www.antiques.co.uk for finding items of worth where you can sit back and relax in your favourite chair and view items at leisure, no rush, no obligation to make a purchase and an opportunity to shop in comfort.
    In other news...
    And talking about starting up collections of small items how about this for a novel discovery. Last week The Guardian reported on a pair of knickers once belonging to Queen Victoria with a 45 inch waistband that sold at auction for just over £12,000.

    Also sold at the same auction were a nightdress and some hats and stockings belonging to both Victoria and her daughter Princess Alice. They all came with their own ‘mark’ or stamp of VR which stands for Victoria Regina. A set of replica crown jewels were also purchased for just over £5,000 along with the undergarments by the same buyer.

    So there we are, if that weren’t evidence enough of looking for a mark or stamp on an item and that anything, no matter how strange it might at first appear, may be worth far more than you think. Just go out there and don’t discount anything right away.
    Bronze Bust of Queen Victoria
    Please use our valuations service by pressing this link below and we will have our experts give you their opinion. After you have had your item valued please feel free to sell it on our site.

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    Quote of the month

    “Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come”

    Lucy Larcom
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