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    Antiques.co.uk Newsletter - October 2008

    www.antiques.co.uk NEWSLETTER
    14 Oct 2008

    Welcome to the monthly Antiques.co.uk newsletter

    Love Antiques!Since our launch this September we have seen thousands of items traded across the pages of Antiques.co.uk. Not only has this given each of our registered antiques dealers a prime spot for 24/7 selling; it also means that our target to make Antiques.co.uk a worldwide window for antique lovers to shop in is coming to fruition.

    When dealers register on our site each individual item they feature also comes up in Google searches making it twice as likely that their antiques will be the first ones found on the web. It's what continues to put us at the top of Google search results time and time again.

    But surely people don’t really like looking for antiques online you say? On the contrary Antiques.co.uk has shown that many people prefer to shop from the comfort of their home or office. According to research, UK online sales reached £46.6 billion in 2007, a rise of 54% on sales in 2006. This means that of every 85 pence spent on the high street, 15 pence was spent on line. In fact one third of all online sales took place in the 12 week run up to Christmas with sales in this period reaching an all time high of £15.2 billion.

    Isn’t it about time you tapped into your worldwide audience and listed your antiques online?

    Priceless Princes

    The Duke of Gloucester was a good-natured man. David Herbert, the brother of the Duke's equerry, recalled an evening in Belgrave Square when a nervous guest laughed so loudly at his host's jokes that he shattered the back of his chair, one of a rare and beautiful set made by Chippendale. The culprit was too desolate, too embarrassed even to apologise. But the Duke showed no chagrin. 'How fortunate that it was your chair,' he said. 'You see there were only eleven of the original set so I had one copied to make up the dozen. It was yours.'

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    Wanted by buyers this week...

    Antiques.co.uk also gives buyers the chance to request items that our dealers may have. Every month we have a list of what buyers want to help you match your antiques with their perfect home easily. Here is just a small sample of what your potential customers are looking for;

    • AIVZOUSKY: A buyer is looking for any works by Russian artist Ivon Konstantinivich Aivazousky born 1817 died 1900. All considered.
    • BUTLER TRAY TABLES: We have another buyer looking for Butler Tray tables in any condition.
    • CARIBBEAN: This month sees a trend towards any works relating to the Caribbean with several buyers looking for furniture, art and sculptures.
    • RUSSIAN CHINA, PORCELAIN AND POTTERY: We also have buyers looking for Russian china, porcelain and pottery pre 1950
    • DAVID DAVIDOVICH BURLIUK: A buyer would like any art by David Davidovich Burliuk, Russian/American born 1882 died 1962
    • ADMIRAL ANSON’S: Any items relating to Admiral Anson's voyage around the world, his crew and fleet of ships is wanted.
    "Family antiques handed down from generation to generation prove that your ancestor's children were better behaved that your own!"

    We look forward to seeing you on Antiques.co.uk soon.