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    Antiques.co.uk - April Newsletter

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    Botanical Interiors
    This year interiors are taking a botanical turn as walls and furnishings are turned into different shades of green. And you can’t but help but admire the shades and patterns currently on offer.

    Even if you weren’t considering a refurb or change of décor this year, it’s enough to tempt you into change. Even Mathew Williamson has decided to chip in with some gorgeous wallpaper designs for Osborne & Little. They capture nature’s miracles perfectly, with dragonflies, wild birds and flora and fauna in a variety of beautiful hues that are bound to transform any room.

    With such an emphasis on botanical décor it’s a great time to try and source antique pieces that fit in with this new aesthetic.

    You can stay with just fabrics and walls or you can make certain additions that create a really authentic feel.
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    Botanical Interiors
    A Most Unusual Retirement Gift
    Clocks have been given over the years to long serving members of staff by companies on the day of their retirement.

    This French filigree brass weather station incorporating a clock, thermometer and barometer was presented to a Miss F M Richards on her retirement in June 1925 by Miss E B Bennett. The engraving is very discreetly executed and is not at all obvious. The weather station has been completely restored and is in fine working order. Sadly the days of giving gifts such as clocks, and then later wristwatches, have passed as we now live in a very much more mobile era and people stay in jobs for a very much shorter time. As my son said (happily very much tongue in cheek), why do you need clocks and watches these days as all the information you need is on a mobile phone?

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    French Filigree Brass Weather Station & Clock
    Automatic Website Feeds
    If you run an antiques website for your business that lists your inventory, Antiques.co.uk can automatically import all of your items and publish them without you having to lift a finger. This saves you the effort of adding items twice and increases the number of potential buyers for your antiques dramatically!
    Get in touch with us at mail@antiques.co.uk for more information.
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    Automatic Website Feeds
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