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    Art Deco Interiors
    We all have a favourite decade or era whether it’s their fashion, furnishings, architecture, music or art you love most. If its clothes from a certain era we admire, and we love vintage fashion, then we’ll emulate their style of dress.

    If like me, you like architecture and interior furnishings from particular eras, then your love may be expressed in the type of house you choose to live in, or the way you choose to furnish its interiors.

    Art Deco furnishings

    One particular favourite period of mine is Art Deco. It’s far more modern than I would normally feel comfortable with, but there is something so fresh, so new and exotic about Art Deco, that despite its modernist feel, it still retains something old, rich and fragrant, reminiscent of a time gone by.

    In 1985 in the spring issue of the Art Deco Society of New York’s newsletter, art deco was described as “…. luxury and leisure, for comfort and conviviality. It is an exciting style and should, like the archetypal drink of the period, the cocktail, be enjoyed while it is still laughing at you.” http://artdeco.org/what-is-art-deco
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    Italian Art Deco Bronze And Crystal Chandeliers C 1920'S
    Automatic Website Feeds
    If you run an antiques website for your business that lists your inventory, Antiques.co.uk can automatically import all of your items and publish them without you having to lift a finger. This saves you the effort of adding items twice and increases the number of potential buyers for your antiques dramatically!
    Get in touch with us at mail@antiques.co.uk for more information.
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    Italian Art Deco Bronze And Crystal Chandeliers C 1920'S
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