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    Antiques.co.uk - November Newsletter

    by David Taylor 

    Winter crept up on us slowly, once Halloween had come and gone, it was only a matter of time before we were celebrating Guy Fawkes and feeling a temperature drop. And now here we are in December, with only a few weeks until the Christmas holiday.

    You may be one of those people that leave things to the very last minute and you don't want to be reminded of Yuletide's imminent arrival. You may be a person who has it all done 6 months before, and if you are, then I envy you greatly.

    If you're wondering what to buy anyone this Christmas and you're stuck for ideas, then do take a look at www.antiques.co.uk where there's plenty to give you something to think about.

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    Toys - Georgian period (18th century)
    Play is an important part of every child's life and they were as important in the 18th century as they are to children today. Naturally, they were nowhere near as sophisticated as the ones that can be bought now, and there was more emphasis on a child's use of his/her imagination. This is something that, somehow, we seem to have lost touch with. See more on www.antiques.co.uk today

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    Toys - Victorian Period (19th century)
    H&A Winner
    As you can imagine and as we've seen in previous blogs, the 19th century brought with it sweeping changes, most of them due to the industrial revolution. This brought more sophisticated manufacturing techniques. The railways meant that goods and services were delivered quicker than in the past and sophisticated factories created goods that were perhaps less imaginative than those made by hand, but it also meant that a far wider audience could indulge in modern technology.

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    Rare Books
    Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat, so goes the old rhyme, and it is so true Christmas will soon be upon us and time to think of those all important gifts!

    Over here in the far West of Ireland we have a cornucopia of ideal presents easily shipped worldwide, they range from early children's books to antiquarian books many in fine bindings, including many first editions, through to fine silver for the dining table or sideboard , to pottery, china & fine porcelain, old glass to small furniture.

    Pictured is a range of items we have for sale sitting on a rare Irish 1840s dish top wine table is an early 19thc port cradle complete with vintage bottle of port, silver plated wine funnel, stilton scoop, grape scissors & snuff box, & a finely bound book of 19thc poetry by Irishman George Moore , these items & more are available on our site on http://www.antiques.co.uk/seller-items.cfm?seller=2820 and www.vanessaparkerrarebooks.com
    Winter Scene
    Storage Hunters UK
    Do you want to be on Storage Hunters UK?

    Storage Hunters UK hosted by US auctioneer Sean Kelly is looking for individuals to take part in Series 2 (subject to commission).

    ...Are you obsessed with buying and selling items?

    ...Will you fight to the bitter end to get a certain item you have been looking for?

    ...Are you outgoing and outspoken?

    If you answered yes to all of the above we want to hear from you!

    Contact the Casting Team at storagehuntersuk@northonetv.com with:
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    Winter Scene

    Winter Scene
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