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    Frieze London October 2014

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     Remember the essence of collecting

    By Amy Lugten


    What is antique collecting all about? It is about delving into the recently past, the generations past, and the centuries past. Antique collecting is also not just about collecting pieces and objects from your own backyard. It is also about finding random things from all over the world, taking an interest in them, and treasuring them. Frieze Masters runs from 15-19 October 2014, and there is a maze of things to discover and explore. In the meantime, some antiques right here on the website channel the spirit of Frieze Masters. Like what, you ask?


    First up we should take a good look at paintings. When asked what they think when they hear the word antiques, it is fair to say that a large proportion of responders would say painting. And that is fair enough. In our image-laden culture, paintings, drawings and murals are ever-present. In much of the world, religious imagery is everywhere. Enter Miguel Cabrera. A painter who made his name and fortune in the then-Spanish colony of New Spain (Mexico), Cabrera lived in the eighteenth-century Mexico trying to find its way after more than a century of Spanish rule. Naturally, religion and depictions of religion reign supreme in Catholic belief, and Cabrera was known for his many depictions of the Virgin, among other figures. This painting (http://antiques.co.uk/antique/Oil-on-copper-Our-Lady-of-Sorrows-of-Miguel-Cabrera) by Cabrera is a good demonstration of his work and his technique. Frieze Masters week is not only about contemporary art, it is about Masters of all kinds. If you have never seen an oil on copper painting close up before, the appearance is of a particular kind that lends itself to grooves, raised areas, and a fantastic texture.


    Painting does not have to be limited to human figures. Often, landscapes are the works that are most in demand at auction. Take for example Joseph Knight’s ‘Moorland Rural Scene’ on the website, depicting a tame yet open landscape, with deer in the foreground (http://antiques.co.uk/antique/ROYAL-ACADEMY-EXHIBITED-LANDSCAPE-PAINTING-BY-ARTIST-JKNIGHT-DEPICTIN). Something of a rebel, Knight was a member of the Manchester School of Painters, and led a gathering of artists who were somewhat non-conformist in their approach to painting. If you fancy the story of the artist as well as the painting (I hear someone say Rembrandt?!) then Knight might be the man for you!


    If you are scientifically-minded, then something in the vein of this well-draughted bird scene (http://antiques.co.uk/antique/Oil-on-canvas-with-birds) could be a valuable addition to your collection. Antiques, as we said in the beginning, can be contemporary or age old. Although this painting might be from a newer period, its connotations speak of times past, when knowledge of bird life was greater, and interest in their uses extremely different. In the seventeenth century when the originals of this genre were being produced, the study of bird evolution and bird flight was in its infancy. Works such as this hark back to those times.


    So as you can see, Frieze Masters week is not just about the multi-million pound works. It can also be about the small discoveries.

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    The Guild of Glass Engravers

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