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    sefer 'ahavat olam', first edition, dyhernfurth 1693. unique copy of the gaon rabbi yosef frankel teumim.

    Sefer 'Ahavat Olam', wonderful drushim full of wisdom, authored by the lecturer and Gaon Rabbi Shlomo son of the Gaon Rabbi Avraham Algazi, first edition. DYHERNFURTH 1693. 

    Copy of the Gaon Rabbi Yosef Frankel Teumim, second son of the 'Baruch Taam' of Leipnik and Mechutan of the Sighet courtyard. The copy is signed with his signature, in addition to several comments and corrections hand written. Likewise additional ownership signatures, among them the legendary wealthy Rabbi Leib Prives of Warsaw.

    The Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Algazi (1610-1683), disciple of the Geonim Rabbi Yosef Sasson and Rabbi Meir de Boton. At the age of 25 he immigrated to Israel, later he was appointed as Dayan in Jerusalem. Served as Rav in the community of Izmir (in Turkey) and fought at that time against Sabbatai Zevi and his community, was among the first to fight against the Sabbatean movement. After suffering severe attacks from this he was advised to flee from Turkey back to Jerusalem.

    [1] 2-125 pages. Aging signs, individual paper tape on the margins, moth holes. Combined original cover. Spinal binding a little loose. Good condition.

    Auction Date: Wednesday 18 March 2020

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