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    slavery abolition: carlos manuel cespedes del castillo (1819-1874) cuban revolutionary. known as the...

    Antique SLAVERY ABOLITION: Carlos Manuel Cespedes del Castillo (1819-1874) Cuban Revolutionary. Known as the...

    SLAVERY ABOLITION: Carlos Manuel Cespedes del Castillo (1819-1874) Cuban Revolutionary. Known as the ''Father of the Motherland'', Cespedes is considered a Cuban hero who freed slaves and leaded the declaration of Cuban Independence in 1868. An excellent and very attractive multiple signed printed large document, one page, 14 x 16.5, Bayamo, 27th December 1868, in Spanish. The document being a decree is entitled ''Slavery Conditioned Abolition - Carlos Manuel de Cespedes - Captain-General of the Liberator Army of Cuba and Leader of the Provisional Government'', and bears a very attractive and large vignette to the heading. The decree contains nine articles, and starts stating `The Cuban Revolution, proclaiming the independence of the Homeland and with it all freedoms, cannot accept the inconsistency of restricting it to only one part of the country´s population. A free Cuba is incompatible with a proslavery Cuba..´ further saying in its first article `All slaves are declared free..´. Boldly signed by Cespedes at the base of the document. With few additional countersignatures to the borders. Bearing a large black paper seal of the Liberator Cuban Army to the front and in excellent condition, and a blind embossed seal to the bottom right corner. Small overall age wear, with edges very slightly trimmed and a small fold repair to the verso, otherwise G £250-350

    Auction Date: Thursday 23 May 2019

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