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    letter by rabbi avraham ya'akov hacohen, son of heshek shlomo - vilna, 1936.

    Antique Letter by Rabbi Avraham Ya'akov HaCohen, son of Heshek Shlomo - Vilna, 1936.

    Letter by Rabbi Avraham Ya'akov HaCohen son of Rabbi Shlomo HaCohen of Vilna and member of the Court for Matters of Marriage from the Rabbinical Council in Vilna. To the rabbis in Haifa. Vilna 1936.

    Letter about Gittin. On an official luncheon of the Court for Ishut. Halachic inquiry into the writing of a Get, and the existence of the Get.

    Rabbi Avraham Ya'akov HaCohen of Vilna (1869-1940) was an outstanding teacher of halakhah in Vilna during the rabbinic period of Rechah Grodzinski, the only son of Rabbi Shlomo HaCohen of Vilna, and his successor. He died in Vilna before the outbreak of the war.
    [1] page. 30X22.5 cm, all in his handwriting and signature, and stamp of the court.

    Fair-good condition. Folding marks. Filing marks. Foxing. Creases with small tears along the edges of the page.

    Auction Date: Sunday 23 December 2018

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