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    certificate - magen david adom, signed by the organization's founding members and founders.

    Antique Certificate - Magen David Adom, signed by the organization's founding members and founders.

    The certificate was given to H. Moshe Frankel, who passed the "first aid" examination successfully.

    Signed with the signature of Dr. Meshulam Levontin, Dr. Aryeh Allotin, and Dr. Yosef Kot, and a photograph of the recipient of the certificate appears on the Magen David Adom-Central Committee.

    Tel Aviv 1937.

    Condition; Strong folding marks, marks on the edges of the page, tiny holes.

    Dr. Meshulam Levontin (1884-1957) was a physician, director of Hadassah Hospital (Tel Aviv) and founder of Magen David Adom in Tel Aviv.

    Dr. Aryeh Alotin (1898 - 1979) was a surgeon, co-founder of Magen David Adom in Israel, director of the MDA training department, and author of medical books.

    Dr. Joseph Kot (1898-1976) was an Israeli internal physician, head of the medical services in the Haganah, active in Aliyah Bet, first director of Meir Hospital (1962-1970), and president of MDA (1973-1976).

    Auction Date: Tuesday 27 November 2018

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