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    antique royal copenhagen flora danica dinner set for 12 persons 72 pieces

    Antique Antique Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica dinner Set for 12 persons 72 pieces

    danam antique

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    Antique Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Set for 12 persons 72 pieces.

    12 x 3549 Dinner Plates 25cm / 9 4/5"
    12 x 3546 Soup plates 22cm / 8 41/64"
    12 x 3573 Salad Plates 19,5cm / 7 2/3"
    12 x 3552 Side Plates 14,3cm / 5 5/8".
    12 x 3513 Chocolade Cups / Coffee Cups H cup: 6.5 cm (2.55 in). Diam saucer: 14 cm (5.51 in)
    All piece made in 1935, 1936 and 1937.
    All items are in perfect condition.
    Latin names:
    Sedum anglicum Huds.
    Teesdalia nudicaulis R. Br.
    Saxifraga controversa Sterne
    Stellaria hmifusa Rottb.
    Phyllardoce coerulea Gren & Godr.
    Solanum Dulcamanra L.
    Jasione montana L.
    Saxifraga decipiens Ehrb. beta cæspitosa
    Vaccinium pubescens Wormskj.
    Viola umbrosa Fr.
    Matricaria Chamomilla L.
    Lactuca muralis Fresen
    Pedicularis hirsuta L.
    Campanula rotundifolia var. uniflora L
    Artemisia norvegica Fr.
    Veronica alpina carymbosa Horn.
    Potentilla nivea L
    Carduus crispus L.
    Sedum boloniense Lois.
    Vaccinium vitis idæa L.
    Saxifraga controversa Sterne
    Phyllodoce coerulea Gr. & Godr.
    Sedum villosum L.
    Heleosciadium repens Koch.
    Saxifraga var. oxypetala eng.
    Loiseleuria procumbens Desr.
    Pingvicula alpina L.
    Oxycoccus palustris
    Veronica præcox All.
    Anagallis arvensis L.
    Saxifraga aizoides L.
    Heracium auriculaefarme Fr.
    Rosa Pimpinellaefolia L.
    Corydalis fabacea Pers.
    Leontadon nigro - lnatus Fr.
    Anagallis coerulea Schreb.
    Gagea arvensis Schult.
    Myrrlis odorata Scop.
    Crambe maritima L.
    Anemone varnalis Mull.
    Rhinanthus minor Ehrb.
    Galeopsis achrolenca Lauv.
    Orchis Sambucinus L. alfa incarnatus
    Atropa Belladonna L.
    Oxalis Acetosella Beta lilacina
    Potentilla opaca L.
    Vinca minor L
    Papaver nudicaule L.
    Oxalis Acetosella L.
    Potentilla nivea L.
    Viola biflora
    Astragalus danicus Retz. Currently in stock: 1. (SKU number 449203) Ref: JF99NR85B

    Price: £49,000.00

    Please note that this price may NOT include delivery charges which the seller may charge extra for.

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    We are an online shop with a showroom centraly located in Copenhagen. We specialize in sale and purchase of Scandinavian silverware, porcelain and fine jewelry. With intent on resale we collect and buy Georg Jensen and Hans Hansen Korpus, jewelry and flatware; Flora Danica, porcelain and stoneware from Royal Copenhagen; Porcelain and stoneware from Bing & Grøndahl; Cobberware and other collectibles. Are you looking for something in particular but have trouble finding it, please send us an e-mail with your request alongside your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You are also most welcome to call us.

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    Danam Antique
    Store Kongensgade 76
    T: +45-27675503

    danam antique

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    Danam Antique has 14790 antiques for sale.
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