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    9ct rose gold star and albert chain.

    Antique 9ct Rose Gold Star And Albert Chain.
    • Antique 9ct Rose Gold Star And Albert Chain.
    • Antique 9ct Rose Gold Star And Albert Chain.
    • Antique 9ct Rose Gold Star And Albert Chain.
    • Antique 9ct Rose Gold Star And Albert Chain.
    • Antique 9ct Rose Gold Star And Albert Chain.

    antiques at invicta

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    This stunning piece of jewellery is heavily constructed in solid Rose Gold of 9 carat. The links in the chain are magnificent in there design, and the are firmly held together by alternate round and oval rose gold links.
    Starting with the "T" bar, this is of plain and simple design. It is firmly fixed, and does not swivel in it's mount. Under the "T" bar are 5 further plain rings. These attach the bat to the main part of the Albert Watch Chain. There is some slight wear to some of the rings, but this appears to be through general wear and tear. No repairs are noticed in this piece.
    The main links to the chain start with 3 round and 2 oblong attachments. The round sections are plain, but appear to have a type of "diamond" or chamfered cut around the outside edge. This does appear to give it some style. The oblong lengths, of which in this section there are two, appears to have been shaped on the outer edge. It does seem to be like a pictorial number 8, as both outer edges in the middle are slightly moved in. The outer edge has the same pattern as the larger links that will be described later.
    There are 4 sections on each side, all of the above construction throughout the full length of this Albert chain. There is one additional length of 4 round attachments with 3 oblong sections. These pieces are placed in the middle of each string, giving the Albert Watch Chain some extra length. The diameter of each round section is 8mm. The oblong pieces are 9mm each.
    The main links in the chain appear to be special for there design and general construction. It is very difficult to describe them, and at the same time do the link the justice that it deserves. However the pictures may be able to give a better indication of the style, structure and design. The overall length of each of these pieces is 26mm approx. Within each string, there are 4 of these sections.
    Both strings has a working and reasonably well maintained hook clasp. Both spring actions appear to be in good order. These are attached to the main chain through simple round attachments. This is the only place that I can find a hallmark. It appears to have the following marks, although it is very small to see, and will need to be magnified. Makers mark seems to be SL. There is the symbol of a Crown, therefore stating it was assayed in Sheffield. 375 follows next, denoting the Gold content, therefore 9 carat. The next symbol is rubbed and not possible to identify. However there does appear to be a date stamp, which is the letter y. This would attribute this piece to be dated from 1941.
    This well constructed and statement piece could be worn by a Lady, as a necklace. It would certainly be a talking point in any company.
    Length 53.2cm
    Width 0 .9cm
    Weight in total 91.70grams


    9ct rose gold
    Width (cm):
    Height (cm):
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    Antiques at Invicta has 56 antiques for sale.
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