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    9ct gold full hunter pocket watch

    Antique 9ct Gold Full Hunter Pocket Watch

    antiques at invicta

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    This very clean example is in full working order.

    The front case has an engine turned decoration that covers that majority of the surface. A cartouche is situated within the centre of the cover. This has not been marked or inscribed in any way. The cartouche is a shield type design that is placed in the middle of a circular section that does have some marks to it. The hinge is fully operational when the cover is released. The cover itself is a nice fit and seems to be in general good order.
    The rear case is again decorated in the same pattern as that of the front. However it covers the full area of the watch, and there is only a small centre dot section that is not covered. Again, the hinge is fully operational. The cover closes well, and it is a tight fit. There does not appear to be any additional scratches or marks where the cover has been loosened to check the dust cover.
    The rest of the outside edge appears to be in excellent condition. There is a straight line pattern that runs around the outside of the watch. There are no dents or damage that can be seen. No repairs are evident. The crown is in good order, with little if any noted wear. There is a mark for 9 carat gold that is below the crown. The loop is also hallmarked with the same gold content. There does not appear to be any wear on the loop, and it is free to move easily. Inside the front cover, there are the expected hallmarks for the gold content and the makers mark. There also appears to be the case number that is etched to the cover. The gold hallmarks are stamped as 9.375, therefore donating that this is 9 carat gold. The makers mark is stamped in capital letters A.L.D. all set in a rectangle. The case number is 99266.
    The watch face is clean in it's presentation. To the naked eye there does not appear to be any cracks or chips to the enamel face of the watch. However under 40 times magnification there is some slight marks that can be seen both near the 9 and 10 positions. The Roman numerals are all clear and easily read. The hands for the watch itself appear to be in good shape. There is a subsidiary seconds timer that is placed at the 6 o'clock position. This is also in good working order. Below this seconds counter and too either side are the words "SWISS MADE".
    Inside the rear cover are further hallmarks giving more information regarding the assay office and year. At the top centre of the rear cover is a simple but very clear 9. Again this states that this watch cover is therefore 9 carat gold. Alongside this number 9 and quiet faint is some further numbers and letters that appear to have been etched into the cover. The meaning of these numbers is not clear. However they are 95J10M/S. Further to the left on the rear cover is the symbol on an Anchor. Therefore this piece was assayed in Birmingham. On the opposite side is the letter Y giving the year as 1923. At the bottom of the rear cover are further hallmarks which are as follows. The gold content is repeated as .375. The makers initials are again confirmed as A.L.D. There is also a further number which appears to have been stamped, rather than etched. It is different to that of the front cover and it's full numerical content is 199266.
    The dust cover is plain and at no time has any engraving or etching been included to this area. The cover is hinged and this is in working order. The cover is also reasonably tight fitting and therefore will keep out any particles that are not wanted inside the watch. Inside the dust cover are further markings giving more information. The case is stamped with the words, Dennison Watch Case Co Ltd. Again the makers mark of A.L.D is present although slightly faded. The gold content is again repeated. The working mechanism appears to be very clean and is fully operational. There is some writing that is on the back plate. Reading from top to bottom, it states that there are 15 Jewels 4 Adjustments. Underneath this lettering appears to be an arrow symbol. To the right of the watch, around the crown area are the words Swiss Made. At the bottom of the watch plate is the words MINERVA.

    9ct gold weight approx 88.60grm
    Width (cm):
    Height (cm):
    Depth (cm):

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    Mainly Gold and Silver men's items. Examples are Pocket watches, Albert Watch chains, Fob's, Sovereigns, and other desk items. I also have some individual items of interest to the wider population, but all with a quality element. For more items please visit our website at www.antiquesatinvicta.co.uk

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    T: 07811 086458
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    antiques at invicta

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    Antiques at Invicta has 56 antiques for sale.
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