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    9ct gold bracelet with 4 full sovereigns

    This stylish and substaintial piece can be worn by either a male or female. It contains 4 loosely fitted full sovereigns from four different dates. They cover the Monarch's of 4 different reign's. The earliest sovereign covers Queen Victoria's reign and is dated 1892. The next sovereign in the piece is covering Edward VII, and dates from 1905. George V is next, and the sovereign covering that era is dated 1928. Finally it is our Monarch of today, Queen Elizabeth II which has a date of 1966. All 4 sovereigns are clear in the mounts and are easily identifiable. They are linked together with a gate braclett. The links in the gate are made from 3 straight 9c gold bars along with 2 that are twisted.

    There are 4 sections in all and each is 2cms in length. The sections are joined to the sovereign mounts by small chain links. There is a hallmark to the edge of one of the mounts confirming that it is 9c Gold. There is a makers mark that is definable as B&C but the assay office and date marks are rubbed slightly. Therefore it is difficult to date accurately. However as the youngest sovereign is 1966, it is fair to suggest that this would seem an appropriate guess. The clasp at the end is of good working order, and the piece is completely finished by a small safety chain.
    weight approx 49.30grs

    9ct gold
    Width (cm):
    Height (cm):
    Price: SOLD

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