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    15ct rolled gold victorian fob

    This unusual piece is designed in a geometric shape with fine interlace middle structure. This fob is dated c1840 and made from 15 carat rolled gold, which can be located on one link of the small connecting chain. No other marks can be found on the design part of this fob. Both the front and back of this piece is designed in the same pattern. Therefore there is no right or wrong way to wear this fob. A description of this design is as follows.

    On both top and bottom panels, there is a collection of 7 slightly raised oblong shapes, that get gradually longer. There is a cut out in the form of a crucifix cross at the bottom of these oblongs. Scrolls are seen down both sides. Again these are slightly raised above the main surface. The rest of the surface is covered in fine work that is cut into the solid panel. The only difference between the top and bottom panel, is that the later is finished off with an angled cover, again decorated in a geometric pattern.
    The centre panel is very different to that of the other two. It's outside dimension is approx. 17mm by 20mm. The inner design appears to be of a chain type construction. This is gathered in at the centre and retained by a clasp. The work that can be seen in the middle of this piece is see through if held to the light. None of the strands appear to be broken or missing.
    All three panels are held together by round connections, therefore allowing the piece to be articulated. A small length of chain is secured to the top panel, in order that this fob may be worn, either on an Albert Chain or something similar. The clasp at the end of the chain is in good working order, and is able to be attached and removed with ease.

    rolled gold
    Width (cm):
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