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    A History of the Jews, by Paul Goodman with prefatory note by Chief Rabbi Joseph Herman Hertz; May 1918 2nd imp., Soldiers' & Sailors' ed., publ. by J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd.; 152 pp. Based on 1911 original revised for military use, this impr. issued in 10,000 copies. Issued by office of Rev. V. G. Simmons C. F. [Chaplains are the only British Army officers who do not carry standard officer ranks, they are designated "Chaplain to the Forces"] Jewish Chaplain of Aldershot Command to serviceman (stamped inside cover): Simmons came from West London Synagogue & served in Boulogne, Aug. 1915; then Mont-des-Cats, Apr. 1916; in N. France ministering to Australian troops, Jun-Jul. 1916.

    Auction Date: Tuesday 09 October 2018

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